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58 lbs




Male (neutered)


about BRIGGS

What's black and white and fluffy all over? SEPR Briggs!! This tail wagging smiley kid isn't wasting any time getting comfy in rescue life, and is eager to share his joy with all his new friends! Briggs is a shy, loving boy, and he's ready to explore the big brave new world. Coming from a life on a chain we are letting him experience how life always should have been. 


Briggs traveled all the way from Georgia to find safety with SEPR, but he arrived with a heavy heartworm load.  It is not uncommon for the southern dogs to arrive with this very deadly disease if not treated or cared for.  Briggs has been through 2 difficult long rounds of heartworm treatment, and sadly is still heavily heartworm positive, very rarely certain dogs can be resistant to heartworm treatment. Additional holistic experimental treatments are being explored and we are still optimistic he will be cleared for full physical activity soon. We do need to be honest that Briggs may never be heartworm free though. However, he is unware anything is wrong in his world, he is looking great and feeling better than before. 


Daily walks have become one of his favorite things, preferring to follow wherever his nose leads. Briggs has learned to enjoy the comforts of indoor living... toys, soft bed, and most of all human affection. He takes his treats very gently (will do anything for a turkey wiener), and is learning basic commands quickly. Even kennel time is a breeze, he knows the routine and hops in with no problems at all! Like a true gentleman, he makes sure all his potty breaks happen outside like they're supposed to. His foster family has been training him to ring the bells on the door to ask to go outside.


Morning feeding is his favorite, but if you are within reach, he'll ignore his food in exchange for being petted.  Eats a few bites, explores a bit, and back to nibble.  He's beginning to understand the routine of sit, wait for food, eat food. Bath time is another thing he's getting the hang of. While he is uncomfortable with the tub at home, he is a champ at the local doggie wash. 


Briggs loves dogs and seems to know his place in the pecking order. He has a small canine foster sister and usually plays well with her. His foster family does keep a close eye on them and knows when to redirect his energy so he doesn't go overboard. Briggs also doesn't seem to have much interest in felines. In fact a feisty cat may even intimidate this sweet lad. A family with a nice calm female companion to help show Briggs around would be ideal. 

Briggs can be wary of strangers, small children, and new environments from living such an isolated previous life. We are spending time with slow controlled introductions and low key outings showing him that everyone will be kind and offer amazing treats. The key with any shy dog is moving at their pace and not demanding attention vs earning their trust. As each day unfolds we begin to see him gain more confidence and look forward to exploring his new life. 


If he could, he would spend all day on your lap, at your feet, or by his humans side. Human affection is his favorite thing ever! He settles in nicely, but won't miss an opportunity to ask for touch by pawing at your elbow if it's hanging over the side of the couch. He's such a calm, mellow, loving boy.  Balls are his favorite toys, he is particularly fond of a small rubber ball that he will chew on for hours! If his people are leaving the house, he would really prefer to join them. A perfect day would include a long car ride so he could watch the hustle and bustle of the city around him.


All Briggs wants is love and affection.  We've promised him that we will search hard for the family deserving of his big heart!  

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Bully Benefactor: The Hurney Family

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SEPR Briggs

SEPR Briggs
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