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about Claire

     Claire is a sweet and soft-hearted girl who landed herself in detention in a city that thinks dogs that look like her should be banned.  Her only crime was being born with a blocky head, broad shoulders, and a big smile on her face.  Claire was removed from her family to be put in detention, and she came to us just hours before she welcomed her litter of nine puppies, The Breakfast Club, into the world.  

     Claire is loving being back in a home and has loved being an empty nester! She did an outstanding job as a mother, but she is ready to get out on the town and nail herself down a family of her very own. She is a very nice house guest and makes sure she tidies up after herself. She did have a pretty intense battle with some bladder issues after the pups and getting herself fixed, but she handled it with class and managed to not have one accident on the carpet ( big score for foster mama). She is starting to show her spunky excited side too, boy is she a good time! 

     She scored her new digs with a hunk of a boyfriend, Goose, an adult pit bull and a 13 year old lab, Jersey. She was clearly welcomed with open paws and they both just adore Claire. I have heard Claire has bought the fun out of Goose again, and saved him from turning into the grumpy old man he had started transitioning into. We have also seen some pics from foster mom of them cuddling up to one another, oh how sweet teenage love can be. She is for sure a social pup at home, but in public can be a bit of a spitfire, but she is easily redirected and reminded that we need to be ladylike.

     As far as personality goes, Claire is the whole package. She is sweet and classy, and a little bit sassy. Big empathize on the sass, because she ain’t afraid to whip out that mom voice and tell you what is up. She gives Goose a run for his money at being the most vocal and expressive pit bull. Above all though, she is affectionate and kind, and loves hugs and kisses. 

     Claire loves napping, but it has to be on her beanie bag chair or at least a soft blanket. Oh, and she wants to be touching you, at all times… No exceptions. 

     The icing on the cake is also that she loves kids, just as any mother does. She lives with a human roommate who is an 11 month old busy body. If both the baby and Claire are quiet, it is a given that trouble has broken out. Food often being their main objective for destruction. Clearly Claire can thrive in just about any environment, but you will have to check back on the cats vs Claire verdict as we haven't gotten to try it out yet. We are hoping for the best as she was tested with foster moms rescued guinea pig residents, and both guinea pigs gave Claire an excitable chirp of a 10/10. Atta girl Claire!

     Claire has had quite the roller coaster of a life those far, and she has been able to take each jump with grace. She has really shown us, that there is nothing she cannot handle. All of our pups are so deserving of a forever family, but Claire will hold out for her happily ever after, like the princess she is!

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