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‘Sriracha, a spicy chili sauce with a hint of sweetness, is finding its way to kitchen cupboards worldwide.’ 


SEPR Sriracha is our newest hot tamale. Found in the middle of no where under an abandon home caring for her pups this girl has shown the resilience for taking care of herself. We are making quick friends and proving humans are more than just a whizzing by car on the road to be leery of.


Sriracha is quickly settling into life in South Dakota. This girl has a bold personality and although so can act very loud and boisterous we can see an unsure pup underneath the façade. She is quick to show gratification and affection, but life obviously has not always come easy for this beautiful girl.


We are taking socializing very slow since Sriracha was under going heartworm treatment upon her arrival. Keeping stress levels to a minimum is something best for her overall health. Sriracha is starting to take small daily adventures around the neighborhood, in the car, to quiet stores. We are letting her take it all in and not rushing friendships yet as trust takes time. As we see her confidence continue to grow we see a crazy, spitfire of a child. Her entire body wiggles and she will slightly "smile" when she sees "her people"


Sriracha has done well integrating with the resident canines and feline. However; she does NOT like to share her toys, so if she is to succeed with another canine companion he will need to be laid back and supervision will need to be vigilant. Did I mention B-A-L-L. Wow, some dogs are food driven but this girl is ball and toy gaga! You better get out of the way because balls definitely getting her engine revving. We are working with sets of balls to teach drop it, and return. Some items just bring her too much joy!


This girl has so many special quirks and "make you laugh" hard moments. She will not be for a first time push over owner though. Sriracha is smart and she is a limit tester - which means a solid working job and some great structured adventures will lead this girl straight to success. With a personality as great as her looks we are looking forward to continuing with her training. 


 Spicy, sweet, and sassy we cannot wait to see the layers of flavor unfold with this one!

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