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Go, Diego, Go!! This handsome pit/boxer mix found himself abandoned at an Iowa kennel where, after 6 weeks with no luck in finding a new home or rescue, the staff felt they had no choice but to euthanize him. But a Christmas miracle was in the works and SEPR found a foster home for him 7 long years ago! Fast forward to today, Diego is once again finding safety and sanctuary back with his SEPR roots due to his previous owner having a baby. 

Once Diego arrived with SEPR our volunteers instantly fell head over heels for this stunning man. He has the most soulful eyes outlined with a beautiful grey/blue coloring.  Diego is very social with people and loves meeting new, 2-legged friends. He has gotten to meet many new people and has greeted every one with great enthusiasm. Diego loves to do anything to please and is usually up for trying anything once. He will just melt in your hands if you give him a good scratching! Traveling is also no problem for him. He does well either kenneled or loose and just relaxes for the whole trip.

Diego is a VERY smart boy and enjoys learning new things. Already he has learned look, sit, lay down, stay, eat, no, down, and is working on a couple other tricks just for fun. He walks very well on a leash and Gentle Leader and is quickly catching on to “heel”. He is house trained and crate trained. He has learned to wait patiently for his food and for people to open the door for him. 

While Diego is very social with people he tends to be dog selective. SEPR feels he would do best as an only dog, but given very slow introductions with good leadership he could learn to get along with a chill female canine friend. He is very eager to greet most dogs but he is unsure about his new found friends and sometimes wants plenty of personal space but isn’t sure how to ask for it politely or find it for himself. Cats, on the other hand, are no big deal. He’s very interested in them for the first week or so but the novelty of new kitties wears off quickly and he’d rather be hanging out with humans anyhow!


He loves being around people of all ages but young children can make him nervous, so we do recommend he go to either an adult home or a home with children over 7. Wherever he goes, Diego will need a home that is willing to give him plenty of time to settle in. He can be nervous and unsure in new situations. When he does finally settle he is the most lovable dog you can ask for and will snore away on the couch for hours in the goofiest positions you can imagine! 

This dog is just looking for a home where he can be himself. From the energy and fun of a boxer to the loyalty and love of a pit bull, Diego is like a two for one package deal! He is ready to give your family hours of entertainment and years of love. Come adopt Diego today!

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