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about haven


     Hi my name is Havey Baby... actually it’s just Haven but I get a lot of : love bug, wiggles, turbo, softy... the list goes on and on but my real name is just Haven!

I have been around for quite a while and I’m polished to perfection! I wait and wait and wiggle and wait for doors and meals and any kind of food puzzles ( those are my favorite) I love to walk with my foster siblings I’ve been told I’m pretty spectacular on a leash after you give me a few minutes.I get excited sometimes but FM does tiny little circles with me and gives me something yummy and I forget all about that cat, squirrel, off leash dog.. wait ? What were we talking about? Oh yeah! How great I am. I get along with all my foster siblings but that Sophia she’s my favorite. I am a professional snuggler and snorer.


     I know how to do all those basic things like , sit, lay, look... and wait.. I’m really good at that one! I go into my kennel almost every single time my Family has to go to work and I really don’t complain unless I’m alone in there. I like it when everybody is nestled in together in my room so I can hear and see them and make sure they aren’t going anywhere.

     I get a little anxious sometimes and sometimes I tinkle a little bit. But I’m working hard on pottying outside and not in my bed. I like to have some lavender oil and this cool shirt my foster mom calls a thunder huggie it makes me not as scared to be alone. I’ve been around the block a few times and I’d prefer a home with a tolerant boy doggy and a few humans big and small to call my family.

     I love to run and play with balls I’m also a huge fan of Nyla bones. But my love of snuggling comes first! I like to be warm and loved and I am just content to be out with my family! I can be loud when I’m put away but if you come check in on me and tell me “eh eh” I quiet myself and get to work on whatever chewy I have in my kennel.

     I’m a good sleeper and I’m told I’m just about the softest puppy around! As soon as you give me a minute to meet you and get some good sniffs in...I will melt into your arms and fall fast asleep! I have the energy of a a typical hippo fun and games and asleep those are my two modes!

     I’m looking for a forever kind of love, I would like my people to be consistent and patient with me. Most of all I really want a family that’s going to be my ride or die kind of family!  Please take a look at my pictures and if you like what you see.. have your people call my people and let’s do this!


BULLY HELPING HAND: Lynn & Janet Hartsell

GOOD SAMARITAN: Nicole Berklich & Sarah Dykstra

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