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Jelly Bean


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White & Brindle


50 lbs




Female (spayed)

about jelly Bean

     Meet Jelly Bean! Jelly Bean is full of flavorful personality and this girl has a lot going for her! She's settling into her foster home and learning the ropes of family life. Jelly Bean is as smart as she is sweet! She's learned look, sit, lay and is working on waiting patiently for all the good things life has to offer.  True to her soft sweet nature Jelly Bean loves to play with toys.  She's so sweet and gentle with the fluffy toys; don't be surprised if she's snuggling with some in her kennel or on the couch!  Jelly Bean also loves a good fun game of fetch and is quickly learning to bring it back. She also loves snuggle sessions on the couch!  


     Our one and only Jelly Bean is proving to be quite the gal!  Her foster mom describes her as a

“Beautiful princess with a ruff-n-tuff tomboy attitude!”  Whether JB is out living her best life walking and playing through the wet grass and mud or cleaning up to come back inside, she is such a beautiful girl who just wants to be cuddled up with you.

     Jelly Bean is quite certain that belly rubs are a must and any and every human is welcome to give her their full and undivided attention!  JB loves her humans, but she has other feelings about sharing her home with other pets. Jelly Bean lives life full of energy and zeal and needs lots of slow introductions to the most exciting things in life, including kids and other pets.  Jelly Bean is so sweet that she'll convince you that she is the only four-legged pet you need, anyway!

     Miss Jelly Bean is working hard to turn her basic commands into more advanced skills!  She is mastering new things like being an amazing walking partner, waiting at the door patiently, waiting for her food, and more on her way to mastering the art of being a lady!  Her foster mom can tell her to go “nice and slow” out the door.  It's hard to go slow when you could go fast and see the whole world that is waiting for her to explore!  Jelly Bean likes to also go for car rides!  If she isn’t looking out the window she is licking the back of your ear and trying to love on you!  We recommend using tie downs to keep free-loving dogs like Jelly Bean safe in her seat where she belongs!

     Are you ready to add a sweet and full-of-life little treat to your home? Come and discover the world’s #1 and unique Jelly bean!


GUARDIAN ANGEL: Amelia Pendry in honor of her sweet Honey

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