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training reimbursement program

We believe that responsible ownership starts with you and your dog building a relationship, bonding, learning respect, and growing together.


Training classes with a professional trainer can help build a strong relationship. Even if you are an experienced dog owner, training classes are a great way to get your new dog out into new environments with new people.  

We feel so strongly about how a good training class impacts your and your dog's relationship, that we issue a  $100 training reimbursement credit  to adopters who complete a training class within 90 days of adoption!  

In addition, SEPR offers a foundations class called Train-A-Bull** to alumni (over 1 year of age) on a seasonal basis.  These classes are currently free for alumni!!

**Our Train-A-Bull classes are modeled after the PitEd classes hosted by Bad Rap in Oakland, California.  To learn more about what our class focuses on, check out their class page.

How it works

  • Adopters complete a minimum of Level 1 or Foundations training class* with their dog within 90 days of adoption.

  • Adopters submit a copy of their completion certificate using the form below.

  • A reimbursement check for $100 will be mailed to the adopter.

It is that easy!  


*Classes must be completed with a professional trainer.  We will not accept training from a friend, neighbor, or non-licensed trainer.  If you need recommendations or have questions about a trainer or this program before you start, please email us.

ADOPTERS: Do not forget to submit your obedience certificates by following the link below and uploading a copy of your training certificate.

Video resources

We have put together a few videos to help you manage your dog in your home and keep him safe.  Learn how to fit a Gentle Leader, install a tie down, and how to create a well-secured crate.

SEPR Helpful Tips
Setting Up And Securing Your Crate

Setting Up And Securing Your Crate

Play Video
How to install a tie-down.

How to install a tie-down.

Play Video
How to fit a Gentle Leader

How to fit a Gentle Leader

Play Video

Other Resources & links

We have complied additional information, whether you are looking to rent a home with your dog, need information on your rights and the law, or want to help keep a dog in their home.

managing a multi-dog home

Managing a multi-dog home can be difficult!  Much like human siblings, multiple dogs in a home can bring a variety of challenges, as well as more companionship and love.

Watch these short videos from BAD RAP for an introduction to good

multi-dog management skills!