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Looking for help?

We receive e-mails every day from shelters, rescuers, and individuals requesting help for a needy Pit Bull. 


We encourage anyone looking to re-home Pit Bulls to first visit or


These web sites were created specifically to help people who need to re-home a dog. It is full of tips and suggestions and has a great team of volunteers to help you figure out the best course of action for the dog you are trying to re-home. 

Very rarely can we take a dog that someone contacts us about.

There are just too many Pit Bulls out there, and as a volunteer-run rescue that depends on foster homes, we have a very limited amount of space. PBRC is a "Pet Finder" like service created specifically for Pit Bull dogs, dedicated to assist caretakers and to provide essential information to anyone needing help with a Pit Bull. PBRC is often the dogs best chance to find a good home. 

We also recommend as a last resort to bring your Pit Bull to the Sioux Falls local shelter as they currently adopt out well adjusted Pit Bulls that have great temperaments. 

helping sioux empire pit rescue

There are so many ways you can Get Involved and help!

  • Donate funds that are crucial in continuing to save rescued pit bulls.  No amount is to small!

  • We are always looking for dedicated people to volunteer their time to help our organization. 

  • It takes foster homes to save lives! We also are always in need of reliable foster homes for our dogs.


There are many different rescue activities available for you to help with!

adopting a sepr dog

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs or would like to know more about some of them, please email usOne of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.


Applicants will need to fill out an adoption application, provide personal and vet references, complete a home visit, and discuss in-depth about what it means to live with this breed.  


Check out our Adoption page for more information.  

Want to learn more about us?  Learn about Who We Are!

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