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about  us

  • SEPR is a bully breed dog rescue located in Sioux Falls, SD

  • All dogs live in foster homes.  We do not  have a facility.

  • We are an all-volunteer,
    501-c-3 rescue. 


  • All dogs come from areas with Breed Specific Legislation, or shelters where they would be euthanized for overcrowding.

  • We have brought over 650 dogs  into our foster program since 2009.

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

Our mission is

To promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull type dogs in the United States. 

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue has been saving pit bulls since 2009.  Some of the first dogs in our program came when our founders volunteered at the Missouri 500 dog fighting bust, the largest multi-state fighting bust in the United States.

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue rescues pit bull type dogs from a variety of situations, from across the United States, with a mission to match sound dogs with qualified homes. These adopted dogs and their families are provided with lifetime support.

Check out this video made for the 5th Missouri 500 anniversary.

about  our  dogs

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue works with a network of shelters to rescue pit bull type dogs that are in danger of euthanasia because of overcrowding, Breed Specific Legislation, or urgent medical needs.  


Once in our program, we work diligently to determine which type of home would be best for each dog.  We want each adoption to be a good match. 


Think of us as your personal matchmaker!


While our dogs come from a variety of backgrounds, all SEPR dogs have two things in common: they are amazing individuals and are ready to be adopted and be part of a loving family!

Why pit bulls?

Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs for the right family! They are very intelligent and they have an absolute zest for life.  They love to be with their people!  


But, like any dog, they need a home that can commit to continuing their training so they can be the most well-mannered and socialized dog they can be. Pit Bulls are not a type of dog you adopt to ignore or just to "let them be." They want to be an integral part of your family.



Pit Bulls love their owners with a heart and devotion unlike any other breed.



This kind of admiration comes great responsibility! To know the love of a Pit Bull is a love like none other.  Families that are responsible, committed owners know their dogs are well worth the time commitment and responsibility.

what makes us different?

We know how it feels to add a member to the family. It can be exciting, happy, and slightly nerve-wracking all at the same time.


That's where our adoption team comes in.  

Not only are we bully breed experts, but we have years of experience assisting adoptive families to make the transition home a smooth one.  

We want your new dog to have a lifetime of success with you!

Your adoption team will be in contact after you bring your new dog home.  We are available for anything from information on what to expect with your new dog, to integration assistance with your new dog and any resident pets.  We celebrate your successes together, no matter how big or small.


Your new family member also comes with an "owner's manual" from their foster home, so you have a reference to look at for everything from how they do with grooming, to their experiences at home and in public.

We even offer a foundations class for alumni and their families!  


These classes are for dogs over one year of age and are currently free  for alumni.

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