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with SEPR


As a foster home, you get to experience the joy a dog has coming out of a shelter.  


You get to be their first soft landing spot.

You get to be their link between a cold, scary shelter, and the warmth and love of their forever home.

You get to help create families and bring them all of the joy that only a dog can give.

become a foster home

Our foster homes work closely with the adoption team to put together a profile of their foster dog.  The foster homes train their dogs and help form them into an adoptable dog who can be placed in a forever home. The adoption team and our foster homes work together to be doggie matchmakers with families interested in adopting one of our dogs.


We know our dogs inside and out, and our foster homes are an integral facet of our organization.  We provide education, support, and training to our foster homes.  You are never alone.  That is our commitment to you and to these dogs.

what do i need to provide?

      SEPR provides the food, medical care, and most of the supplies for your dog including a crate, leash, gentle leader, blankets, and toys. We do require you to purchase a few additional items for your foster dog (zip ties, carabiners, basic first aid supplies, and tie downs). Everything you purchase for your foster you can claim as charitable contribution tax deductions on your personal income tax every year.


      SEPR cannot guarantee the length of time that a foster dog may be with you. Adoptions can be unpredictable and we take our time to find the best possible placement for each dog. For this reason, we ask that you be able to commit to the potential of having a foster dog for as little as a week or as long as a year or more. These dogs desperately need the stability that comes from staying in one home with one family.


     We think you will find that your foster dog simply becomes part of your family and routine, and we hope that you will be able to include your foster dog in your everyday life.

what does fostering entail?

The wonderful thing about being a foster home for SEPR is that it allows you to have all the love and joy of another dog in your home — but with the major expenses paid!


     While we ask that you do work with your foster dog on basic manners and socialization skills, the rescue provides you with all the training and support you could need to help out! We are all working together for the good of these dogs in need and truly love helping each other out. We think you will find becoming a foster home with SEPR is a little like becoming part of a big, crazy, loving family!

let's get started!

     Our Foster Homes are expected to meet our adoption requirements. This means that all pets in the foster home must be altered and up to date on rabies, bordatella and distemper vaccinations. Dogs should be kept inside the house. Foster homes should respect city limits regarding the number of animals in the home and follow ALL leash laws. If you do not own your home, you need to provide your landlord's phone number for verification that you can have a foster dog in your home. We also need to verify BSL (breed specific legislation) in your area.

You need to have a good understanding of the breed, or be willing to learn. If you have other pets, you need to follow the safety guidelines suggested by SEPR when having foster dogs around other animals. We want to minimize the risk of problems.

SEPR Alumni are all here because someone

like you decided to help. 

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