Adopt-a-bull females

Each available SEPR dog has their own page!  Click on a dog's photo to read about their personality, see photos, and watch candid videos.


SEPR does not encourage same-sex placements.  

Read about our adoption process & restrictions here.

The age listed under each dog is approximate.  Age ranges shown include Baby (0-1 years), Young (1-3 years), Adult (4-7 years), and Senior (7+ years).

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Young - 57 lbs

** Haven Needs an Urgent Foster Home**
Adult - 41lbs

Cadence is pint sized and full of sass and class!

Cadence needs a sponsor!
Senior - 50lb

Delilah is ready for all that her new life might entail, from adventures to cuddles!

Delilah's Bully Helping Hand:
Lance Connolly & Good Samaritan: Ann Schmitt
Young - 46 lbs

Snuggly, sweet, and full of love, Say a Little Prayer that Aretha finds her forever soon!

Aretha's Good Samaritan: Alyssa & Leo Severn
Adult - 61 lbs

Sugar and spice and everything nice! Nutmeg is a sweet girl in a compact size.

Nutmeg's Bully Helping Hand: Jamison Stluka
Young - 50 lbs

Ready to blossom, this girl is full of spunk and preparing for a forever home!

Fauna's Good Samaritan:
Pam Stern
Young - 56lbs

Sweet, petite, and ready for where ever life takes her with her new forever!

Sophia's Good Samaritan: Jamison Stluka
Young - 50lbs

With just the right amount of sugar and spices this young little lady cannot get much sweeter.

Gumdrop's Good Samaritan: Trevor & Mikayla Matties
Young - 44lbs

Like any decadent chocolate truffle, this beauty will melt her way right into your heart.

Truffle needs a sponsor!
Young - 57lbs

Beautiful Ophelia is as sweet and unique as her name and is ready to find her forever!

Ophelia needs a sponsor!
Young - 64lbs

Claire is ready to have a family for her own adventures - and also for lots of snuggle time!!!

Claire's Bully Helping Hand: Jamison Stluka
Meryl Streep
Young - 52lbs

Mama Mia, here we go again! Meryl is sweet and ready to play her part!

Meryl needs a sponsor!
Young - 46lbs

Little Miss Arya has enough spunk and spry as her Game of Thrones name sake.

Arya's Good Samaritan: Jamison Stluka
Young - 58lbs

Spicy, sweet, and sassy, we cannot wait to see her layers of flavor unfold!

Sriracha needs a sponsor!
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