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Upcoming Events

As a foster-based rescue, SEPR does not  have a facility to visit.  


Instead, we host a variety of events throughout the year.  You can find us at public meet-and-greet events with our adopt-a-bull dogs, doing education and outreach, and hosting fundraisers.

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Meet & GreetS

Meet and Greets are a great time to visit with adopt-a-bull dogs!  SEPR volunteers will be at the following locations with some of our dogs that are available for adoption. Volunteers will be there to answer your questions. We want to talk with you!


TBD, Sioux Falls

Dogs in Attendance:

Enjoy Your Holiday!


January TBD 12p - 2p

 Dog Days Hotel, Sioux Falls

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Rescuing dogs takes a lot of physical and financial resources.  To keep adoption fees as low as possible, SEPR hosts a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. We hope to see you there!


SEPR 2023 Calendar contest

educational events

SEPR believes in serving our community by providing education on pit bull type dogs, managing multi-dog homes, safe interactions between dogs and kids, and more.

Volunteer orientation

We are looking for people like you to put our mission into action!

Your time and talents could make a real difference for a dog waiting for their forever family.

These training sessions are for those that have submitted a volunteer application.  Learn more about how to volunteer for Sioux Empire Pit Rescue by following the link below.

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