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about Doug

     Hey everyone, Doug the Destroyer here! My foster mom calls me that because I will destuff a toy in 10 seconds flat! But I have so much fun doing it, she keeps giving them to me! I also love to do nose work. Inside or out, you will find me sniffing like crazy. Searching for cool stuff never gets old!

     I live with 4 other dogs, 2 cats, 2 little humans, and foster mom and dad.  It’s a full house and I have so much fun. I play with my doggy friends, then I cuddle up next to the closest person. I don’t care if you are big or small, I love you and I love to cuddle with you! I am very patient with the crazy little humans. My canine foster siblings have all sorts of energy levels ranging from crazy puppy all the way to crabby old lady. I do well with all of them, and even the crabby old lady puts up with me because I’m so laid back. My foster parents thank me for that every night when she lays on me because I’m in her spot. I tried telling her there’s no dibs on the cuddling spot!


     I don’t mind my tie down. I sometimes get scared in my crate and so I fight going in especially if I think I’m in trouble. Foster mom and dad are working with me to help me realize the crate can be a nice relaxing place, but I’m so good in the house that I think I should get bed privileges :). I’m completely house trained and I’m a great sleeper. I’m even good at realizing the difference between my toys and my little humans’ toys. I destroy mine, but I leave theirs for them to pick up….sometimes that takes forever! Foster dad said I’m the perfect blend of laziness and lively energy. I don’t mind my gentle leader too much, and I love going on walks. Exploring is SO much fun! I’m working on losing some lbs. then maybe we’ll go on longer walks, or maybe even runs!


     I’m still working on some basic commands like stay, but I’ve got sit, lay down, kennel up, look, and come down pretty well! I’m still working on my recall outside, there’s just so many fun things to sniff that it’s hard to listen sometimes. I’m working on it, and I’m pretty darn amazing (if I do say so myself) so I’m definitely worth the effort!


     I think I could fit in to pretty much any family, big or small. So come meet me soon!

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