Adopt-a-bull males

Each available SEPR dog has their own page!  Click on a dog's photo to read about their personality, see photos, and watch candid videos.


SEPR does not encourage same-sex dog placements.  

Read about our adoption process & restrictions here.

The age listed under each dog is approximate.  Age ranges shown include Baby (0-1 years), Young (1-3 years), Adult (4-7 years), and Senior (7+ years).

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Young - 56 lbs

This little low rider is just looking for the Adrian to his Rocky.

Stallone's Bully Helping Hand: John Forrette
Young - 57lbs

Flannary is a sweet boy who bounds and bounces around with joy and happiness.

Flannary's Good Samaritan: Jamison Stluka
Young - 60 lbs

This pup is learning all he needs to know to start off life in his forever right.

Earl's Good Samaritan: Jamison Stluka
Adult - 38lbs

Pretty much everything is his favorite. His happy attitude is contagious!

Corbin needs a sponsor!
Young - 70lbs

Long legs, expressive face, and ready for lots of belly rubs, this guy sure is a keeper!

Luca's Good Samaritan: Jamison Stluka
Young - 67lbs

Also known as "The Dude"!! This goofball comes without a tough bone in his body.

Lebowski needs a sponsor!
Adult - 65lbs

Doug is loving life in a real home and can't wait to find his forever home!

Doug needs a sponsor!
Young - 44lbs

Taking us all by storm, Remy has good looks and irresistible charm.

Remy needs a sponsor!
Young - 57lbs

Ready for a good mystery? Watson is on the case and ready for forever!

Watson needs a sponsor!
Young - 59lbs

Thunder is booming with personality and is sure to leave you rolling with laughter!

Thunder needs a sponsor!
Nilla Wafer
Young - 48lbs

Nilla Wafer is as sweet as sugar with a free spirit and a happy personality.

Nilla's Good Samaritan: Banjo and Juniper Smith
Young - 75lbs

Eugene is our Lean Mean Love-a-bull Machine and is ready to explore the world!

Eugene needs a sponsor!
Baby - 54lbs

With handsome good looks, Quill is searching the galaxy for a family of his own!

Quill's Good Samaritan sponsor: The Zimmermans in honor of Guy Stone
Johnny Cash
Young - 60lbs

Johnny Cash would go through a burning ring of fire to find the love of his life!

Johnny Cash needs a sponsor!
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