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Black & White






Female (spayed)


about ramsey

Our sweet SEPR Ramsey may not make you rich like Dave Ramsey, or cook you a gourmet meal, like Gordon Ramsay, but she will bring you endless love and happiness. Ramsey is about as sweet as they come! She wants nothing more than to be by her people, play with a toy every now and then, and enjoy endless snacks and meals. I mean really, is that too much to ask for?


All kidding aside, Ramsey is pretty close to pure perfection. She is happiest when she can be close to you. When we say close, we mean professional snuggler close! It doesn’t matter what weird position she has to be in or how uncomfortable she may look, as long as she is touching you and is as close as she can possibly get, she’s a happy girl. 


With this need to be close and extreme fondness of her people, comes her one quirk. Simply put, she doesn’t like it when you leave. Ramsey’s foster family has been helping her work through some separation anxiety. When she first came to rescue, she would whine and cry in her kennel. She would even tear apart her blankets. With a consistent routine and understanding that her people will always come back for her, Ramsey is now able to go in her crate happily, remain there quiet, and mind her manners. Ramsey’s forever family will need a stronger crate or kennel to make sure that Ramsey can be safe when they are away. With a little more practice though, it is likely that this will continue to get better for Ramsey.


It is really not surprising that Ramsey doesn’t want her people to leave. We don’t know a lot about Ramsey’s past life or her backstory, but what we do know is that Ramsey was dropped off at a shelter, unanimously, without any information, having obviously just had puppies. Although we will never know for sure, it is likely that Ramsey was a very young mama, used for breeding, and then discarded. Is it any wonder that she’s so happy to find people to love her and wants to stay close to them?


Ramsey has really not let her past shape her future though! She is a happy, bouncy girl, who loves to run and play and learn new things. Her foster family thinks she may even be part rabbit as she hops around with her two back legs together when she’s excited. She is eager to please her foster family and very food motivated, which helps her learn new things quickly. Judging from the progress that she’s made so far, it is easy to say that with a little training, she will be a very well-behaved girl. So far, she has learned sit, wait, look, ok(release word), off, let’s go and down. 


When she’s not busy snuggling, Ramsey loves to play with toys. She’s really like a big puppy when it comes to playing. She is exuberant and enthusiastic and loves any opportunity to be a silly girl! Our guess would be she’s never had a chance to enjoy toys before, and she makes the most of all of them! She is amazing at de-stuffing toys and loves to locate the squeakers in her toys. Ramsey is definitely not a marathon play girl though. As soon as she sees her person sit down, or as soon as you redirect her to do something with you, she’s all over playing and all about being close to her people. She really is a very good listener!


Ramsey may play like a puppy, but she certainly isn’t needy like a puppy. She is perfectly crate and kennel trained, walks very nicely on a leash, and is not mouthy at all. Like we said before, this girl is amazing!


Currently, Ramsey lives with five other dogs and a cat. She has enjoyed her big dog siblings from day one, and has learned to be tolerant of her little dog siblings and the cat, as well, as long as she’s in a controlled environment. Ramsey could likely live very comfortably with other animals as long as her people set clear expectations for her. Ramsey also lives with two teenagers and she does well with both of them, although sometimes she gets a little crazy and may run into you with her focused play style.


As you can see, SEPR Ramsey may not be a financial guru or a world renowned chef, but she is pretty incredible! I guess you could say she’s more like Miami Dolphin’s cornerback, Jalen Ramsey. She’ll intercept your favorite squeaky toy and run it back for the win every time. You should definitely consider adding this superstar to your family today!


Tiffany & Lex 

RAMSEY's videos

SEPR Ramsey

SEPR Ramsey
SEPR Ramsey and Her Cute Little Chin

SEPR Ramsey and Her Cute Little Chin

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SEPR Ramsey Snoring During Nap Time

SEPR Ramsey Snoring During Nap Time

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Squeaking with SEPR Ramsey

Squeaking with SEPR Ramsey

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Positive Kennel Playtime with SEPR Ramsey

Positive Kennel Playtime with SEPR Ramsey

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