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Male (neutered)

about Bagheera

Please welcome Bagheera into the SEPR family!


Named after the black panther in the Jungle Book our Bagheera has the same shiny black coat as a panther ( minus his white belly complete with black polka dots! ) but other than his fur he isn’t super panther like and closer to the gentle sweet bear Baloo personally wise !


Bagheera came from all the way from way down south on the transport now referred to as the Georgia 6.  Up until he won his freedom ride ticket little Bagheera was the longest term resident in the shelter, he suffered from not only heartworms but also had been shot ( we don’t know the story and he’s keeping tight lipped about it as well) , he has a bullet lodged in his hip and a fractured femur. SEPR was his only chance at getting healthy and getting his knees fixed. Unfortunately Xrays showed his wounds were much older than thought and have been healed over too much for surgery to repair or have the bullet removed.  No biggie, Bagheera has a minor hitch in his giddy up as they say about limps , he doesn’t seem to mind it for the most part and he’s been put on glucosamine for the arthritis.


Bagheera has had his heartworm injections , he was very brave thru the pain and has pushed thru the worst of it and is on the mend! A few more meds and weeks and we hope for a heartworm negative diagnosis!!


Bagheera is as sweet as they come. He’s a happy little dude who loves to cuddle and follow you around. He has found a couple nylabones he loves to chew on, so far they are his favorite toy. He’s more of a couch potato than a party boy, he’s really taken to the life of cozy beds and comfy blankets!


Bagheera has learned to kennel up and knows sit and is working on look . He’s a quick study and treat motivated.  Bagheera was not housebroken upon arrival but is improving everyday .


If a sweet, mellow cuddle bug is what you’re looking for in a dog Bagheera is your guy!!


Stay tuned for more on our sweet boy!

Bagheera's videos

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