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Female (spayed)

about bianca

“They say I’m sassy, stubborn, and a little difficult ... I say they just can’t handle my sweet, southern charm.” 


Four years ago, I traveled from the south to find my sanctuary with SEPR. After completing nasty heartworm treatment AND double ACL repair I was ready to find my forever family. Well, I did, twice! But unfortunately both of my forever families moved and decided I was not part of that plan. So once again, my foster family welcomes me home with open arms. Once a SEPR dog - always a SEPR dog is our motto. You know what they say, "third time is a charm," and you better believe I will settle for nothing but the very best!


As a Southern gal I try to extend kindness to everyone, but a lot of the time fear gets the best of me! My FINAL forever family will need to be a special family that truly understands that good things come to those who are patient. I take a while to warm up, but once I do, you cannot get rid of me! I want to be side by side touching, head in lap, full body on your pillow type of love. I love kisses, hugs, and cuddling more than any foster pup my foster mom has had before.


I honestly make doggie friends a lot easier, but how can you blame me? We speak the same language! I have three fur besties, Jersey, Claire, and Goose. I have learned so much in these past years because when I came in, I was a bit of a mess with not having lived in a family environment before. Hats, doors, candles are a few of the things that were and still can be triggers for me. I have managed to get past most of my fears, but sometimes I still bark and run away from things. Please be patient with me, I really am trying my best to be brave! Foster mom has adapted and created a formula to keep me happy and comfortable. Due to my shyness, a forever family will be required to have a confident male companion for me to take queues from. They seem to think I need a buddy and I tend to agree. Take note, felines are not in my friends circle ;)!


I will require a family without children as loud noises and fast movement can be a bit much for me sometimes. I tend to gravitate towards confident adults with a nice positive energy. Do you have a Zen palace that I could participate in some soothing yoga stretches with you? Hopefully, my next family will have a home with good fung shui to help me with my relaxation skills!


I’m no good at poker, I give away all my thoughts and feelings in my facial expressions and perky ears. My ears are the cutest, so I am told. They stick straight up day and night and make everybody’s heart melt. My foster mom is just shocked that I am up for adoption again. She reminds me every day how loved and worthy I am. I am such a little love bug just waiting to get my shot at a family that means forever. Hey, I can’t complain much, I kind of like it here, but I hope my number is going to get picked soon, paws crossed!


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