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Male (neutered)

about Burbank - AKA: Mr banks

**WARNING** Husbands and boyfriends – I am a chick magnet, so hide your wife or girlfriend.

**ATTENTION** To the single men out there – I am the best wing man. Take me out on the town with you and I’ll be sure to grab the attention of that lady you have been eyeballing . Onward to my Bio -

      Hey good looking, what chya got cooking? I know what I have cooking. I am Burbank, classified as a beautiful midnight blue lover, and a good kisser.  Like, a really good kisser.  I get told often that I am good looking (like yourself), and smart. I tend to test boundaries, but as soon as the rules are established I respect them.  If you let me run the house I'm more of a Turdstank than my usual amazing Burbank, but hey that's a terrier thing.  Keep me in line and we will be a dream team!

      What else do you need in a dog that already knows sit, lay, wait, and look? I am fine tuning my look command when there is a distraction, but Foster Dad said it will come around better.  I am really good at waiting at doorways and for can set my food dish down and walk out of the room, and I will keep waiting until you give the okay! (well, usually anyways...)  Crate is my calm place, but since I am so good in my crate you better be dishing out some of the yummy treats, you got it? I mean it.  Show me a bone filled with frozen treats and I will RUN to my crate. Sometimes I get a little whiny about being locked up, but it's just because I love being with my people! I promise I never cause too much of a ruckus, and I never have accidents inside.

      I am a pretty relaxed guy that goes with the flow. If you want to play, I will be more than happy to play. You want to cuddle, I am also down for that. You have some work to do, alright I will go lay down and entertain myself. It is an awesome deal for those guys that have those high maintenance girlfriend or wife that need all the attention. Actually, I am not worried about those high maintenance people, because I will be stealing their attention just by my charm.  

      Alright, my homie, I have to roll - it's treat time!  If you think  you could be my perfect sidekick, have your people talk to my people!

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