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Tan & White


 52 lbs




Female (spayed)

about Cherry

     A scoop of ice cream and a cherry on top is the perfect refreshing year round treat!

     This little Cherry pop is as sweet as they come! She introduces herself with kisses in abundance and wants to make sure you haven't forgotten about her. She is a big fan of kisses, pets, attention, belly rubs and more kisses! She has been a happy pup since the day she arrived and all she wants to do is get your attention and snuggle together! She will make sure you feel loved and special when she is around. 


     Her favorite activity includes any kind of attention you're willing to give her but will also settle for gently playing with her stuffed porcupine. Cherry is diligently trying to master "sit" and "lay down" when asked the first time. We are practicing "shake" and "wait" which will all come with a little more practice. She waits quietly in her kennel until it's time to come out and will always greet you with a smiley face and wagging tail!

Cherry is a very sweet and quiet pup with so much to learn about how to be a part of a loving family. She loves to snuggle in your lap on the couch but will also settle for laying at your feet until she is invited on the couch. 


     She has learned a lot in her short stay with her foster family including how to play with toys! At first, she didn't really know how to play with toys or what to do with them. In her time here, she has learned how to chew on toys and chase them down the hallway. Cherry absolutely loves playing with her foster brother! He can be annoying at times and very persistent in letting her know that he wants to play but she is always very sweet and tolerates his shenanigans.


     Cherry does very well on a leash! On the few walks we have taken, we have been very surprised at how well she does on leash! She has done wonderfully walking next to us, does not pull and does not react to other dogs barking in town. She travels in the car very well. She is quiet and likes to look out the window. If someone looks back and talks to her, she may jump up on the seat but gets down when ignored.

Cherry would do very well in a home with another dog but would also do well in a home without other dogs. Cherry has shown interest in the cat in our home but has not had an opportunity to interact with him without being on tie down. We are navigating the cat situation very slowly and cautiously! Check back to see our progress!


     She has low to medium energy and truly picks up on the energy level in the home. She has a very calm disposition, unless instigated by her medium to high energy foster brother! Then, she can enjoy a good play session! Otherwise, she is perfectly content cuddled up on the couch or laying on the floor. She would make a good walking buddy and would love to curl up on your lap and watch a movie with you!


     With a dog truly as sweet as they could possibly come, how could you pass up the opportunity to meet her?

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