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about coco

     Just the right amount of Coco makes everything better.  This girl is just the right amount of sweet to brighten up your day.  She spent more than her fair share of time at the shelter and is happy to be out.  Coco is at that great age of maturing but still hanging on to some of the funny puppy characteristics that we all love so much.  Now that she has made it into the rescue she will start to show us what she really has to offer and we are looking forward to it.  Please check back and see what this girl has to offer


     Now that Coco has been with us for a while, she is really starting to come out of her shell.  She has really taken a liking to her foster brother (the resident dog of the house) and has given him more than I think he would prefer to have but I secretly I think she knows whats best for him.  Coco loves to play and you can see it in her face.  It's the same look you see on a kids face every Christmas morning.


     Coco has been a superb house guest.  If we all take a moment to think about some of those house guests we've had in the past.  You know, the ones that broke something, maybe ate your food or messed up your house?  This lady is not that guest.  She has been very respectful to her new surroundings and some toys LOL.  She is potty trained and has had no issues in the house.  She can think of better places to be than in her crate but will not give you any fuss when she is in there. Coco also loves to go out into the world but just like the younger humans in our lives, can forget that we just need to be patient in the car.  It will still be there when we get there.


     As much as we love to see our dogs jumping for joy at everything under the sun we know we need to instill some manners.  Coco has been working on, and learning the basics.  She knows how to sit, lay, stay and for good measure she will even shake.  This streamline pup can really get up and go when out in the yard.  She loves to run around the yard and play "Fetch" in her own little way.


Thanks for taking a look at our beautiful Coco!

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