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Brindle & White


37 lbs




Male (neutered)

about CORBIN

Watch out everyone Corbin is here. Corbin is the cutest Pocket Pitty in the Midwest!  And, we do mean Pocket Pitty - this kid is small! Corbin isn't your average pocket pitty. He doesn't know just how little he is sometimes!  This guy can add abundance of laughter to any family with his super zoomies or when he starts hopping around like a rabbit!


     Not only is Corbin cute, he has a personality to match. He loves to be where his people are and loves the attention of all the humans. If you're doing some cooking he will be happy to sit in his place next to you.  Doing some house work, he will gladly follow you around. The perfect little side kick! He loves to always be near his humans and his "velcro dog" is off the charts! Corbin will follow you to do anything let it be to get a cup of coffee, or doing chores around the house. Movie time he is right there by your side enjoying his humans company. No matter what the agenda, Corbin will be right there. The best part is Corbin doesn't have favorites when it comes to his humans, he loves everyone the same and loves to be around everyone in the home. 


     Not much phases this cute little guy, bath problem. Catching a baseball game at the park....perfect. A nice long ride in the car... sounds like fun to him. Corbin is a younger kid, he's always up for an adventure. Hitting up the bike trails, pack walk, a hike....he is ready when you are. Keeping up with his young stamina well that's another story. Corbin is great with his foster brother and sister and when it’s nap time you are sure to find him curled up close with them! Corbin also loves his daily walks and different nose work games around the house like hide n seek or mastering different food puzzles. The more he has to do the better as Corbin is up for anything.Corbin would be great with canine brothers and sisters in his forever home and cats could even fit into the mix! He doesn’t pay much attention to outdoor animals - birds, rabbits, squirrels, just doesn’t phase him.


When it comes to food with Corbin, he loves just about any nutritious option!. Corbin will remind you of a rabbit when it comes to vegetables, he loves everything from tomatoes to Brussels sprouts to carrots and cauliflower. Corbin's favorite training treats are baked, Braunschweiger chunks, its the only time he may un velcro himself from you to sit at the foot of the oven and smell it cook. Corbin also loves his fruits. He he loves them in his kongs with a slight peanut butter cork or a coconut oil cork. These are great incentives for Corbin's crate training regiments as he would always prefer you lounging at home with him instead of going to work!  


This fuzzy little Pocket Pitty will be an awesome addition to one lucky family.  Don't wait too long, though, or someone will snatch him up!

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