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about DILLY

Dilly,Dilly... little Dilly bar.

Anyway you say it .. I’m sure to be a treat!

I’m new here in SoDak , I’m a southern boy who came here to mend my heart and get ready to be the best darn little black dog around! My foster momma says, I’m a super squish. I think she says that because I’m super pliable like puppy putty. All my parts are soft and squishy!


I have learned how to sit and look and that’s as far as it goes so far.... oh wait... I love to be outside so much! I walk perfectly on my leash! I’m a really special lil fella and I can’t wait to learn all the new things and find my very own family!


It’s been about a month now and I am feeling great! I hit a few bumps with some crazy dew claws getting removed and my foster mom says my name should have been Hemingway! Something about cats with 6 toes ... doesn’t she know I’m not a cat?


I am getting braver every day now big cars and loud trailers are only a little scary and I learned how to lay down! It was really hard but I kept at it and now I can do it every time! I also know how to wait nicely for my meals and wait for the ladies to go out the door first! I don’t always wait to jump into your lap on the couch but honestly I love affection so much I just burst into action!  


I am not easily distracted on our walks and I am easily called away from bunny chasing in the yard. Let’s talk about the yard!!! The YARD is the coolest! I run and play with my toys I toss them around and pounce on them and there’s this thing called a hose!!! OMMMGG it’s the best thing EVER! My FM has to roll it all the way up or I can’t leave it.


I am slow and steady and I prefer all my introduction to be the same. I can be very shy and I prefer to get to know you at my own pace and FM says that’s ok because the best relationships take time and care! I’m all about that! I have lots of fun playing with my foster brother and sister and I really like other dogs. I’m growing my confidence every day and I can’t wait to show off how well behaved I am. Even if it does take me a little longer to get into the groove I know that slow and steady wins the race! 

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