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about Dipper

There's the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and then there's me, just Dipper!


     I'm a new guy around here, but I'm already a star. After spending 2 years in the shelter waiting for a rescue, I developed quite the following. Don't worry, my time in the shelter wasn't wasted, I used it to perfect my ever growing list of commands. My current set list includes sit, shake, high five, down, and wait. 


     I know, I'm a smart little fella, and I can't wait to show you all my moves. I'm happy to be in my new foster home, after some settling in time I'll be ready to dazzle you with my skills!

     I have been settling into my foster home very nicely.  It's WAY better then being an a noisy shelter all day long! I was a little nervous getting around the house at first, especially with the stair things. I just need a little bit of time to get use to things, then it's no problem! Foster dad always says I am a very smart little guy 'cause I know so many commands already. I like showing off that I always wait to be told when I can eat my dinner. 


     I also have this super awesome foster sister and we are becoming pretty good friends. I like to follow her around the house so she can show me what all the neat things are. I have seen some doggies while out and about walking as well, and I don't mind them at all. 


     I have been to salon to get my nails did a few times. I am working on building up my confidence, because new situations are a little scary to me. I am working on being a brave boy and will get better every time I go out.  I really just love to snuggle up next to my people.  I also love play time 'cause I get to run off some energy! I am also pretty darn good at walking on a leash. I like to stay right next to foster dad.


     I am very very excited to find my forever home. I have been waiting for them! So if you want a very smart pup, in a cute and compact size, I could be just for you! I promise that I will shine as bright as the Big Dipper! 

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