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Female (spayed)


about ebony

We learn to live, when we learn to give 
Each other what we need to survive, together alive
Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony

(Paul McCartney)

      If you are looking for your Ebony to perfect your harmony look no further.  Ebony has been with SEPR for a short time but has shown nothing but gratitude for the love and affection that she has received. Chocolate eyes, pointy little ears, short little legs and fur of ebony with a touch of ivory, it's clear to see that this girl was not well taken care of previously. 


     Ebony or Ebo, Eb or Ebenezer is what she lovingly goes by these days. She is a slow moving lady that has little spouts of energy now and then.  She is loving what it's like to be a part of a family in her foster home. From snore sessions on the couch with her humans to learning how to play with toys and accepting treats. It seems like these common concepts of basic care were fairly new to her, but SEPR is here to shower her with love, treats and fun experiences to really show her what it's truly like to be a loved family member. Ebony is enjoying every bit of family life!


     Ebo has caught on to sit, lay and waiting for treats and food.  She's a bit of "slow" learner as the majority of the time she's slow moving.  She reminds her foster family of a 12 year old senior with about 20 minutes of pep in her! Every once in awhile she'll pick up the pace to play with toys and her foster siblings.  She also likes to run a few zoomies in the back yard and she figures that's enough exercise for one day!


     Ebony is one of the clumsiest, silliest dogs around. She will occasionally fall off furniture in route to a toy or bone. She once accidentally road her foster brother like a horse while trying to jump from the furniture to the floor!! Her foster family doesn't mind that she lacks gracefulness as it's so fun to watch her be a little comedian!  


      Eb does well in the car and rides loosely never hoping around from seat to seat.  She's a perfect traveler often sitting in the middle of the back seat so she can see everything out the front windshield.  Be prepared though, if you have a taller vehicle she would love some help getting in as this short stubby lady has very little "air" in her jump!!


     Ebony enjoys being with her humans.  If it was up to her she would follow them around everywhere.  Got dishes to do? She'll join you in the kitchen while you do them.  Laundry? She's wonderful at supervising, aka taking a nap, while you fold and put away clothes.  In short she will find a nice comfy spot on the floor close by while you do whatever it is you need to do.  Never in the way, just close enough to be a part of daily life.  And when it's time to do something else she will be slowly follow you wherever!


     Ebo has really picked up on the daily routine.  She's a perfect gem in her kennel and is as quiet as a mouse! She surely doesn't mind it one bit especially if there's treats or a stuffed Kong as her reward.  Just show it to her and she's more than happy to trot on off to her kennel! She's wonderful during baths.  They may not be her favorite, but one would never know as she will stand there nicely while you gently scrub and shampoo her! She loves to rub her face in the towel afterwards because just feels so good! She also currently lives with two older cats and is learning that although it might be fun they don't appreciate being chased.  Some guidance and rules and eventually they won't be a big deal.


     Ebony is just the right amount of laziness and fun all wrapped up in a short, stocky ebony and ivory package.  Her foster family thinks she's pretty great and definitely has given them a lot of entertainment in their lives.  She will be a great addition to any family!

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