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about Eugene

     Hey everyone, Eugene here!  FM thought I should tell you a little bit more about myself so far.  I’ve been with my foster family for a few months now and have really taken to this home life!  I came in pretty shy and unsure of everything, but it hasn’t taken me long to settle in and really start coming out of my shell.  Even though I’m in that 3-4 year age range, FM says I am a rambunctious puppy in an 80 pound body. If it moves fast, I want to chase and play with it, if it’s on the floor or ground, I want to chew on it or eat it.  In fact, chewing on things is my favorite thing to do. FM tries hard to make sure I have plenty of LARGE marrow bones, nylabones, or buffalo horns for me to chew on, because if you haven’t seen me in person, I have a huge head and a big mouth – and if it fits in my mouth I will swallow it (FM found this out the hard way when she was with me in the backyard and discovered a couple socks that should not have been there).  Speaking of backyards, if you need any help turning sticks into mulch, I’m your guy! I also love chasing a flirt pole around (still working on the releasing part as I’d much rather chew on it than let it go). I also like to chase balls and am doing better about dropping one so another one can be thrown.


     FM has been working hard on my manners.  I’ve mastered sitting and sitting and waiting for the OK to eat my meals.  After 2 months of hard work, I finally figured out the laying down thing. She’s still trying to teach me how to wait at doorways and not to jump on people when I get super excited.  I am kenneled when my foster family is out of the house and at night. I take a little coaxing with some super yummy treats to get into my kennel, but once I’m in, I do well. I will whine a little bit but settle down quickly. Besides my foster parents, I currently live with 2 canine foster siblings and a feline foster sibling as well as 3 little humans aged 3, 6, and 11.  I love to play with my canine foster sister but have to be careful as I’m twice her size and can overpower her pretty easily. She’s teaching me not to be so rough when we play. I’ve learned to steer clear of my foster brother as he likes is space. I also like to try and play with the cat, but FM lets me know when enough is enough and I’m good at leaving him alone when I’m supposed to.  I do pretty well with the little humans in the house, but because I’m so big and still have quite a bit of puppy attitude it would be best for me to be in a house with older kids who know not to leave their stuff out for me to chew on. I don’t quite have the snuggling thing down yet but am getting better about relaxing with all the humans. I still would prefer to be chewing on stuff!

     Out and about in public places I’m still a little unsure, but I’m getting better all time!  I walk really well with my gentle leader on and don’t pull much out on walks. I’m pretty unreactive when it comes to most things outside but will try to chase a squirrel or bunny if I see one.  I don’t mind car rides and generally do well with minimal whining. All in all FM thinks I’m a pretty swell boy and will do well in a home that will be very diligent about making sure I can’t get into and chew on things I’m not supposed to!  Check out my Facebook page to see more about me!

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