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about FLANNaRY

     Please tip your hat and welcome Flannary to SEPR!  Flannary escaped shelter life just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day... while most people were pretending they were Irish and drinking green beer our Flannary was doing his own happy Irish jig on his freedom ride to Sioux Falls. 

     Flannary, an anglicized form of Irish descendants meaning red eyebrows, suits him perfectly as he sports one red eyebrow and one full red/copper eye spot! (He is also the perfect reverse image of the doggie emoji!) AND if you catch a glimpse of him sleeping his ear patch forms a perfectly shaped  heart!! Which is perfect for our Flannary as he is a boy who is ALL heart!! 

     Flannary arrived already knowing sit, down and shake and he took treats and food from his foster moms hand so gently.  Flannary is a quick study and has mastered look, look and wait, both for food and at the door. He also knows come and get down. Flannary has learned to “ kennel up” with ease and stays quiet while kenneled... at least until foster momma comes home , then he’s super excited and will bark but they have been working on it and he’s gotten way better. Flannary wasn’t exactly house broken when he arrived but thanks to his quick wit and some patience we can now report he is 100% potty trained!! 

     Flannary loves to run around the yard and explore the gardens joyfully .  He is prey driven ( as most terriers are) so rabbits are never welcomed in his yard... Much to his foster moms dismay Flannary also loves rolling in the grass and mud with a giant goofy grin on his face. Luckily, he’s a good sport when it comes to bath time! Not so great is that he appears to be more sensitive to bug bites than some and he has had hives on a few occasions resulting from big bites that have had to be treated with medication, usually just benedryl and Zyrtec but also once with steroids. 

     Flannary lives with a canine foster brother and a somewhat older canine foster sister( 7/8 yrs old) . He was fast BFFs with foster brother and they play and romp around like happy goofy fools all the time.  He took longer to win over his older foster sis but with time she has also come to love him and plays tug o war with him and also wrestles as long as it isn’t too rough!  All 3 love to pile up and cuddle for naps and all 3 sleep with foster momma in her bed. 

     Flannary has met smaller dogs and we’ll be honest , he is not a fan. So if your current doggo fits in a purse he’s not going to be a good match, everyone else he loves with wild abandon. 

     We have classified Flannary as a Stage 10 Clinger, he wants to be near his person all the time, as close as possible. He absolutely loves cuddle time and is an excellent body warmer.  He is extremely generous with kisses too! 

     Flannary is great in the car and friendly during outings. He’s gone to first Friday a couple times as well as salon meetings, informal Petco meet and greets as well as several pack walks... he loves being amongst people and other dogs  and really really wanna really loves all the attention he gets!! 

     Flannary has met people from age 3 to 77 and so far hasn’t found one he isn’t a fan of... this dapper gentleman is going to make someone’s life or family very happy and full of love and fun!!! Could it be you???


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GOOD SAMARITAN: Jamison Stluka

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