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about HULA

Is your weighted blanket just not doing the trick? Need something a bit more comforting and loving? Look no further than Miss Hula-girl! An unimaginable amount of love, snuggles, adoration for all living things… that’s 100% what you’re getting with this sweet girl!


Hula is completely house trained (and does exactly one paw at the door when she needs to go out!), loves her kennel, but most importantly, loves snuggle time with her humans & foster brother! I cannot express just how much she loves snuggle time. Resting alone isn’t bad either, though! She loves kennel time, napping in the sun, and snoozing in the car. When we aren’t snuggled up, you can usually find us building more stamina by going for walks or joining dog pack walks with our other rescue friends! As long as there is love in some capacity (treats or snuggles), she is happy as can be!


She’s got a lot of personality, so don’t let her low-energy fool you! Hula has no issues with anything because of her trusting, loving nature. Whether you are holding her paws, looking at her teeth, giving her medication (which she eats right along in her regular food), or even putting her Gentle Leader on, as long as she is in your presence, she is happy as a lark!

As for medications, Hula came in with needing ear surgery. As she had a mass growing in her vertical ear canal. We are still continuing to access her medical needs at this point. It seems she does have some allergies which we are trying to navigate with short treatments vs a longer term pill like apoquel. Currently, Hula eats grain freed food and will for sure need to continue with this for her lifetime. Medications are yet to be determined. We hope to continue to discover what exactly is the best options for this little love bug and best quality of life. 


Becoming fully integrated with her foster-brother was no problem at all! Whether it’s on walks, sharing snacks, or snuggling up together, they love being roommates already! She would make a great only dog or addition to a family with dogs! While we don’t have any feline friends here, we’re excited to see if she has any interest in those kitty creatures. With her relaxed attitude, I think with the right cat, she would be happy as can be!


Hula-Bula (yes, she has taken on many nicknames in her foster home!) also loves spending settle time by chewing on Nylabones, mulating squeaker toys (don’t worry, they all had it coming), and licking as much peanut butter as her humans allow. She gets to have peanut butter during bath time, kennel time, and when her humans make her yummy dog treats, so she’s pretty content under basically ALL circumstances.


This sweet girl would find her ideal fur-ever home with someone needing unending snuggles and unconditional love. So if you know someone who fits the bill, there is a limited supply of Hula-girls in this world! Adopt yours now!


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