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joan jett


$400 (Learn More)


Blue & White


28 lbs




Female (spayed)



I don't give a dang 'bout my reputation

Living in the past, it's a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do


Joan Jett "Bad Reputation"


Meet Georgia rock princess Joan Jett! Found abandoned in rural Georgia, she was set to live the fate of most unlucky Georgia dogs, fending for herself with each day unknown. Luckily, she was able to hitch a ride with the rest of the newest Georgia crew and land herself a new gig. She's settling into the family life and loving every minute of it. 


Joanie is your typical happy, playful baby. She's learning her commands and what it's like to be a puppy in a new generation. She's very food motivated so teaching her sit and lay down has been fairly easy.  She's been working on wait which can be very hard for an eager puppy who LOVES treats. She does very well though being called back from out in the yard, just make sure you have a yummy treat for a reward and she will come to you as fast as she can. She's not completely house trained yet but has been doing ok at potty training with usually an outing every hour or less.  She's quick to do her business when it's time to go outside and loves being rewarded with a treat.  


Joanie is crate trained and will jump excitedly for her treat filled Kong all the way to her crate.  Her foster family is teaching her that once she's in her crate she needs to sit and wait patiently for her reward. Joan Jett doesn't mind her crate at all and is quiet the majority of time.  She enjoys her comfy dog bed and blankets with lots of nylabones to keep her occupied. She has not had any accidents in her crate that we know of and can hold it overnight as well. Most of the time during crate time she just curls up for a little puppy nap so she's ready to go once she's let out!


Joan Jett doesn't mind bath time and thinks it's much better when there's a licky mat with peanut butter for her to enjoy.  We are working with nail trimming as she thinks the clippers are a fun toy for her to chew on, silly typical puppy.  Her foster family has found that clipping nails is best when she's exhausted that puppy energy and enjoys being petted while foster momma clips her nails.


Joanie also does well in the car. She was a little nervous at first and would often just curl up and lay down. As time has gone on, she has learned that cars take you to new, fun places and now she actually looks out the window and enjoys a good ride. She's a lovely traveler and would love to go anywhere with her new family!


Little miss rock princess lives with other dogs and one kitty.  She doesn't seem to mind the cat and likes to watch him at the top of the stairs as he meows in the foyer of the house. Kitty is elderly and sick so Joanie doesn't get a whole lot of interaction with him so she finds him interesting but not so interesting that she would skip play time or treats.  Joan Jett could live with a feline friend with slow intros, as too not overwhelm the kitty and proper management.  Joanie enjoys a canine playmate and loves to romp around with the other dogs that reside in the house.  She currently has another SEPR foster that she lives with by the name of Buddy Holly! Buddy is very tolerant of her puppy antics, probably much too tolerant, so she might need a reminder of those manners from time to time.  Thankfully one of the resident dogs is helping to teach her to be a well-rounded playmate.  Joan Jett would love another tolerant male playmate to help pass the time playing and to help show her the ropes on how to be a well-rounded adult.


Joan Jett really is your typical puppy. Along with puppies comes all the joys of chewing and mouthiness.  She can forget at times that hands, shoes, pillows, and other objects are not chew toys.  Being quick to correct her with a spray bottle, a firm NO, or redirecting her to chewable objects is a must.  She loves any and all toys that she can play tug with a friend or chew on. But beware, she will quickly find the weakest stitch to de-fluff it. Joanie will also pick up things off the floor and eat them so being mindful to this typical puppy behavior will be a must in her new family. Her foster family has found that she loves interactive toys like the Kong wobbler, slow feeding dishes, puzzles and interactive treat dispensers. Keeping her occupied with such toys will help keep her busy and entertained and out of puppy trouble. She's not always go go go though and likes to curl up on the couch next to her human and canine friend for a little power nap after an hour or so of play time or bone chewing.


Joan Jett is well on her way to becoming a well-rounded adolescent and can't wait for her new family to continue on with the training so she can be the best little rocker around.  She's ready to pack up her bags and to hit the road with her new groupies for a lifetime of fun experiences. 



Nick & Melissa

**Families with children 5 years of age and under wanting to adopt puppies will be reviewed on a

case-by-case basis. Raising a puppy properly takes a lot of time, and we understand that in families with small children, time can be a limited commodity.

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SEPR Joan Jett and the lumpy couch blanket

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