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June Carter


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Blue & White


60 lbs




Female (spayed)

about June Carter

SEPR is pleased to welcome June Carter along with handsome husband Johnny Cash to our program. She definitely lives up to the southern sweetheart's personality. While life for this couple has not always been roses she is as sweet as sweet tea. Previously, June and Johnny’s son (Cooper) had landed himself a first class ticket to South Dakota from Georgia after being injured. SEPR was elated to finally hear that this beautiful duo; used solely for breeding purposes, would finally be given a second chance to become life as family members. Miss Carter is now learning this new “living in a house” gig, being brave, and trusting humans.


June arrived in the Midwest carrying heartworm which can be a deadly disease many southern dogs contract from mosquitoes. She was a true gem receiving her heartworm injections that are very painful, but necessary to ensure this little lady becomes healthy and happy once again. Happily, June is now heartworm free and ready for her forever home. She cant wait to see what the world has to offer her now that she is healthy, so if your looking for a cuddle bug look no further. 


June has quickly settled into her new foster home and learning to appreciate all the finer things in life. No more puppies for this momma – we have vowed life will always be just about her wants and needs from here on out. June has quickly become successful with house training and crate training. She enjoys her little den filled with warm blankets and amazing peanut butter/kibble stuffed kongs. These are becoming cherished experiences for her. June has picked up on a couple commands of sit, look, kennel, and come. She can still be very hesitant with direct eye contact and vocal requests, so we are working at Junes pace. Humans can be something to be leery of for the time being, but she is already learning to trust her foster family and with slow positive reinforcement and continued socializing in calm settings we know her confidence will continue to build.


June Carter is fostered in a home with a variety of shapes and sizes of canine friends (including her son, Cooper). She enjoys their company and receives needed reassurance from their bravery when it comes to interactions with two legged creatures. June would do best in a home with another confident canine companion to help her feel more at ease. If your family is up to it, maybe you have a place for both June and Johnny to live out their “burnin’ ring of fire” together!


With Junes prior medical treatment we are still exploring things like daily walks on leash with her gentle leader, bathing, car rides, and playing with toys. Each new day brings new adventures and new confidence levels that we will keep everyone up to date with as this rose continues to bloom!


GUARDIAN ANGEL: In Memory of Lilly Lullo

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