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67 lbs




Male (neutered)

about LUCA

     This boy boasts 70 pounds of big headed goodness.  Luca was very shy and a little shut down when he came into the SEPR program and has rapidly shed the stress of shelter life and is primed for lots of love.  He loves his people and his K9 friends especially his main girl SEPR Sophia.

     He is learning to trust and can still be a little shy in new situations and prefers a low key kind of shindig.. He is no party animal and prefers to take things slow, that doesn't stop him from playing with Sophia and all the balls and toys! He is a ball aficionado in fact and has staked a claim on the houses orange ball, he will carry it everywhere with him in hopes that you will throw it and he can go retrieve it. He has a good grasp of his basic commands and with consistency and time will no doubt be a rock star in that department!

     He really didn't think that he needed the gentle leader when he first came in to foster but has changed his tune and walks like a perfect gentleman on walks.Not a lot of challenge there after all he is a smart boy! he loves to play and be active from chase to long walks to playing with other dogs he is very patient and puts up with a lot of pestering from his sisters.

     He has come to love a good snuggle and even gives a few quick kisses before he is off to find his ball. He is perfect in a the house! No accidents here.  He does get really itchy sometimes but we have changed his diet and have been giving him some Bendryl and it seems to just be a seasonal thing, damn pollen and mold! 

     He is a big goofy boy and has a big goofy boy gait that puts the biggest smile on your face.  Luca would be perfect for a low key household that is settled and ready to chill with this handsome boy! He doesn't bother with critters or cats much on our walks and would prefer to spend his time with older children and would do great with another female to spend his days with. did we mention that he came in with his sweetheart Sophia? SEPR Sophia and he would gladly fill out your family together and if you already have a girl for him he thinks he would be okay with out Sophia for just the right forever home!

     Low key Big boy on the block! sweet and gentle and Ready to start his next chapter!


**SEPR Luca came into our program with SEPR Sophia​.  While they do not need to be adopted as a pair, we are hoping they can continue their lives together in the same home.  If you are interested in bringing two wonderful dogs into your home together, please include that in your application! 

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GOOD SAMARITAN: Jamison Stluka

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