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Mai Tai


$300 (Learn More)


Blue & White


55 lbs




Male (neutered)


about MAI TAI

The cocktail Mai Tai is known as a fruity drink that is lavishly garnished and considered delicious by many. According to legend, the drink Mai Tai originally got its name when the drink was first made and presented to friends. After trying it they exclaimed, “Maita'i roa a’e” which in the Tahitian language means “Out of this world! The best!” Well, nothing could be more true for our very own SEPR Mai Tai! He is certainly one of a kind, out of this world, and the best!


Mai Tai came to SEPR from Georgia, where, after being at a rural shelter there for quite some time, he went back with his original owner, and was soon found discarded and put out like trash at a yard sale. We cannot imagine the confusion and uncertainty this sweet boy was feeling after such betrayal by the people that he loved so much. This definitely could explain why Mai Tai is one of the most loyal dogs you could ever find and why he loves his people without reserve.


Luckily, SEPR was able to step in and offer this charming guy a safe place to learn what love looks like and grow his confidence. Mai Tai has benefited from a consistent routine in his foster home. Because he gets a little nervous for new things, he does need a little practice with new experiences. When Mai Tai understands what is coming and understands what he is supposed to do he is rock solid every time and aims to please his people.


Mai Tai is certainly one smart boy! He learns new things very quickly and has been an excellent student in his foster home. He knows the commands sit, stay, wait, place, up, off, down, paw, two paws, come, free, and ok(release command). Mai Tai is very food motivated and can learn anything for a treat!


Mai Tai is a dog that will need some activity in his day, most days. He has amazing endurance, and could go for hours, but is happy with some mind or body games for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. Currently, his foster family or volunteers take him on a couple bigger adventures each week, and these are definitely the highlight of his week. He is certainly ready to get out and see the world!


After some activity each day, Mai Tai is one lazy dog! His favorite thing to do is snuggle up with his people, and he would like to be as close to them as possible. He will lay his big head in your lap and melt into you, soaking up all the love he can get! Mai Tai definitely does better with gentle touch and interactions. Given his background, we think he has earned all the love and caring he can get.


Although Mai Tai would love to be with his people 24/7, he does very well in his kennel or dog bed waiting for his people to be available. He is very content to hang out watching his people if they are busy or snooze until it is show time. 

He is also perfectly kennel and house trained.


Currently Mai Tai lives with 5 other dogs and he does well with all of them. He lives with both big and small dogs and is respectful of both with proper leadership. He has even lived successfully with a cat before coming to South Dakota.


Since Mai Tai is his best with calm interactions, his foster family feels that small children may be too much for Mai Tai. He does well with all the adults and older teens in his foster home and loves everyone who loves him. He is a bit unsure of new people when they come to the door so he will need a forever family who can accommodate his needs.


When Mai Tai was rescued from his original owners he had terrible ear infections in both ears.  These have been treated and luckily Mai Tai’s hearing was able to be saved but he will need his forever family to keep an eye on his ears. Since going on grain free dog food and Apoquel, Mai Tai has only had a few very minor ear infections, which have been easy to treat. He will need to continue on grain free food and Apoquel though so he can be his healthiest.


Sometimes in life the best things are worth fighting for and we have definitely found that to be the case with SEPR Mai Tai. This sweet boy has had to overcome so much, but we know the best is yet to come for this sensitive soul. We are ever so hopeful that a person or family who can give this handsome boy and his gentle heart the love and consistency he so craves can be found. So, if you are looking for a little adventure and whole lot of heart, you need to meet Mai Tai today! He will be sure to bring his one of a kind big ears to melt your heart!


Tiffany & Lex

MAI TAI's videos

SEPR Mai Tai

SEPR Mai Tai
11.9.23 Mai Tai im gonna get that treat
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11.9.23 Mai Tai find treats
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Mai Tai outing with sit and stay
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SEPR Mai Tai Working for His Food
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