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Brown Brindle


67 lbs




Male (neutered)

about Mason

Hello South Dakota, 


     My name is Mason, I just moved up here and would like the chance to find my family, I have been looking for the right fit, just think as you read this I am thinking of you.   Let me start out by telling you all a little bit about myself.  I am a big boy that is very laid back, and I am up for anything.  If you want to play, relax, go for walks, car rides, or what ever I am your man.  My foster dad says I am such a good boy and listen so good.  When he tells me to go to my bed I get over to it as fast as I can and then I lay down and wait for him to let me know when I can get off of it.   I only met FD a few weeks ago but I already know sit, down, up, and come, I also know bed, but we just talked about that so you know that.   I can hear other dogs in the house but I have not had the opportunity to meet them yet, but when I hear them I get happy and wag my tail.  FD says I have a funny bark, not sure what he means I just go woof woof like other dogs, I am not loud at all. 


     When FD goes to work I am happy to go to my kennel and have not had any accidents and I have not destroyed any of my warm blankets.  FD gives me some really  yummy frozen peanut butter inside Kong's to keep my entertained when I first go to my room, once I am done with them I just take a nap.  I never make a peep or get excited when I am in my safe space.  I also sleep in my room at night.  FD and I have been on a couple walks,  I am on a leash and this thing called a gentle leader, I don't mind it and FD was surprised I didn't try to get it off, but I like going for walks and walk right at his side.  Sometimes we see squirrels  or rabbits but FD just says look and I look up at him and he gives me a treat and I forget all about those fuzzy critters, and keep walking at his side. 


     FD also has some fun toys for me to play with when I am out in the house with him.  I have not destroyed any of them and look forward to playing with them.  The last placed I lived in didn't have toys or a soft bed to sleep on so I am loving living with FD but I can't wait to find my humans and make a family with them, I would love to have a home, are you the ones I can make that a reality?


Well that's all for now, once FD and I get to know each other better and we go on some adventures I will let you know what I think of different things.  By that I mean FD says I get to meet more dogs, cats, little kids, and go to stores, basically check out this town and what all it has to offer I will let you know what I think of it all and how I handle it so check back and read what I have to say.




Mason, the worlds best dog and the cutest, too, if I am being modest.

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