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about meatloaf

     Hey there!  My name is Meatloaf...Yes like the singer. While I may not be able to serenade you with beautiful love songs, I'm definitely better looking than my musical counterpart.  I'm just a young laid back country boy from Georgia. I've lived most of my life outside on a chain, so once I came up north I had lots of new things to experience.  At first it was a lot to take in, life up here is very different from the backwoods, but foster mom and dad helped me take it slow and I'm starting to get the hang of this new life. 

     My favorite thing is my kennel, it’s my sanctuary I go to hang out in.  I like my kennel nice and cozy with fluffy blankets and dog beds, and of course I keep my sanctuary clean.  When I’m not lounging in my cozy sanctuary, I can be found in one of the many soft dog beds around the house or on the couch with my favorite people.

     Foster mom tells me I'm as smart as I am handsome. I learned that we go potty in the yard, although I will admit I like the outside so sometimes I like to stop and smell the roses before I come back inside. I love to be outside, wide open spaces are my favorite, hikes or walks in the park are great.  I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve: Sit, Down, Wait, Look….and this one I’m really proud of…. I can Shake!  I’m also getting used to walking on the treadmill, ok I admit I’m no runner but I can go for a nice slow walk on the treadmill. 

     While adjusting to my new life, I made friends with my canine foster siblings. The other dogs I live with have boosted my confidence and helped me feel more comfortable, so I will need to live with another dog in my forever home to help me feel more comfortable.  I'm still experiencing new things, going new places and seeing things I've never seen before.  Living outside I’ve never experienced life in the city, I’m still working on being confident around cars, and loud noises sometimes startle me, but new things can be scary sometimes.  With the help of my canine friends and foster mom I'm learning how to be more confident, and that life in the city isn’t so bad, and I confess I’m really starting to like this living in the big city thing. 


     It may have taken a little bit for me to come around, but I’ve really gotten used to living this pampered life.  I even got some presents this Christmas…something called a Wobbler, all I know is that my food comes out of it.  I have all kinds of toys I can play with any time I want, and if I can’t find a toy that interests me foster mom has all kids of fun things I make into toys, like socks.  Sometimes I’ll go steal foster moms socks so she has to play with me, I never eat them it’s just good fun to have mom chase me around for it, she says I’m finally getting to be a real puppy… I just know that I would do anything for love.. and some coconut oil.


     It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but I’m just a gentle southern boy whose looking for a family that will take things slow and help me continue my journey.  There will be Not a Dry Eye in the House when this boy gets adopted!

GOOD SAMARITAN: Dan & Suzanne Stluka

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