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Black with White


53 lbs




Female (spayed)

about Melody

Introducing Miss Melody! 

The melody, that famous sequence of musical tones or notes, is the most important part of any song. Moreover, we often remember songs by their melody rather than their lyrics. SEPR 's Melody is no exception to this rule as well. This super sweet girl will keep a song in your heart and a smile on your face that will not soon be forgotten. 


Melody is fully house trained, crate trained, and has a happy wagging tail for everyone she meets, especially if they have a tasty treat! She is also getting more and more snuggly as she gets used to the routine of foster life. She definitely loves her people! No matter if she's just snoozing in the same room, cozying up for a cuddle, going for a ride in the car (she's a fabulous co-pilot!), or any other adventure, she wants to be a part of it.


Melody made wonderful progress with getting used to her Gentle Leader, and loves going for walks, keeping a nice pace beside you and being able to stop for some good sniffs. She's excellent with her basic commands and is clever enough to pick up more. She always waits for the invitation to be on the furniture, except when she gets a bit of the zoomies, she'll jump the length of the couch in a single bound!


Melody become fully integrated with her canine foster siblings, and has a blast playing with Alum Elouise Mae! Living full time with other canine friends is something we are sure this southern belle would love. The feline foster siblings are still a bit too interesting, but she's working on being relaxed in their presence. They might make her think of the bunnies in the back yard she'd love to chase if she could! 

Melody loves her nylabones and some peanut butter and kibble in a Kong, as well as balls and toys that squeak. Apples have also been a hit, and we're trying different safe fruits and veggies, to keep her slim figure, which keeps her arthritic joints happy, as well as her daily dose of glucosamine. She has not been destructive with her toys at all, or anything else for that matter, and takes treats very gently! She is that calm, sweet dog that everyone hopes for in a senior companion.  

Our Melody's ideal family would be one where she can be a part of everything and loved on daily. It doesn't take much to make her happy, but she deserves so much more and would harmonize well in a variety of homes.


Send us a note if you think she is the missing chord in your song!

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