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 30 lbs




Female (spayed)


about MUFFIN

This little nugget was found as a stray with another canine companion in Georgia before landing herself in the local over crowded shelter.  SEPR just  happened to be planning a huge transport to save some of the other pitties there and Muffin was able to punch her ticket at the last minute as a stowaway on the long journey from Hazelhurst Georgia to SEPR in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  She is loving life out of the shelter and is settling well into her foster home.


Upon Muffin's arrival into the rescue the first order of business was to get her into the vet.  Compared to some of the others, she had very little that needed to be addressed.  First and foremost, she was spayed which she handled like a champ and healed without any complications.  Second, was a full blood work up to check for any stowaways that came with her.  Sadly she was loaded with worms and even came up positive for Alaria.  Luckily,  all of that could be easily addressed with a few rounds of medications which she took with complete ease.  We are happy to report that she now has a clean bill of health and can now concentrate on all the other aspects of being the best little muffin around!


Miss Muffin is a pure "go getter" ready to get out there and experience what life has to offer.  Muffin really acts like a puppy even though its speculated that she's a littler older and in the adult category.  It was clear though that she had very little to no training in the past but with her love of food, she is proving to be a quick learner. Since coming into her foster home she has learned the basics like sit, lay down and look with absolute ease.  Patience has been a little harder for her to grasp since she's just so happy and excited at being in a home, but she is slowly learning that being patient brings all the goodies. In her foster home she is also learning that not everything needs to go in her mouth and is doing very well at minding her manners which will only get better with time and consistency. Muffin was just so excited after coming into her foster home and was a bit of a busy buddy. But with the help, she is learning that it's ok to settle down and get some pets and maybe take a snooze on the couch. She's really starting to be a sweet cuddly cutie pie!


This mini muffin is also being fostered in a home with a zoo of other canines including SEPR Forest. Muffin and Forest are a hoot together.  Lovingly termed "biggie and smalls" they are enjoying the foster life together.  From toys, to bones, to running around out in the yard together they love to play, play, play!  Every now and again they both need reminders to mind their manners and not steal each others things, but are doing well on picking up on those basic fundamentals of canine companionship.


Muffin is both crate and potty trained and has had no accidents since coming into her foster home.  She does well in her crate and goes right in at the show of a treat or a yummy peanut butter topped Kong.  Her crate is nice and comfy with a dog bed, blankets, and all sorts of chew bones to keep her busy if she needs it.  She's quiet in her crate 99% of the time with maybe an exception of a few whines or barks. It's really quite funny, her and foster bro Forest have been caught having what we can only assume as "conversations" with each other since they are crated close together in the same room. They really do enjoy their time together.


Muffin has done well with all other aspects of being a loved family member. Bath time isn't per-say her favorite, but she does tolerate it well.  Of course she's got to run a few zoomies afterwards though. Nail trim is super easy with her. Just put a little peanut butter in a dish for her to enjoy and you'll be able to cut her nails with ease! She does well with car rides too often times just chilling in the back seat looking out the window. She is pretty petite so you will need to lift her up into taller vehicles but she doesn't mind the help one bit.  Muffin has also gone on a few walks and has done really well.  At first though she was zigging and zagging all over the place but she's picking up quickly that it's much better to walk beside the human. She loves to sniff everything along the way and isn't really phased by anything while out and about. With just a little more time she's going to be a great walking buddy and maybe her next home will have someone who likes to run. We bet Muffin would absolutely enjoy that!


This little, spunky, fun Muffin is going to be a great little family member! She can't wait to get on with all the good things life has to offer.  So whether you prefer blueberry, bran, banana nut or whatever your flavor Miss Muffin is sure to please! Adopt your one of a kind "furry" Muffin today!!


Melissa & Nick

MUFFINS's videos

SEPR Muffin

SEPR Muffin
SEPR Muffin & SEPR Forest (1)

SEPR Muffin & SEPR Forest (1)

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SEPR Muffin-scratches

SEPR Muffin-scratches

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SEPR Forest & SEPR Muffin (2)

SEPR Forest & SEPR Muffin (2)

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SEPR Muffin-Nylabone

SEPR Muffin-Nylabone

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