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about Nilla

If you have a sweet tooth, you will want to stick around to meet this new kid… Nilla Wafer! 


     Nilla is new to the program, but what we know for sure is this kid is as sweet as sugar.  Nilla is a free little spirit, with a happy personality, eager to get out of the shelter and into a foster home.  He is quickly learning the ropes, mastering sit and wait at meal time almost instantly, food is a big motivator to this kid so training time is a breeze.


     This goofy little monster is a big lovebug. He has a huge head - and almost bigger personality! Nilla’s name is truly perfect for him. He has the capability to be the most boring, snuggly, basic pup. He also has the potential to be incredibly outgoing, active, crazy dog in the moment. 


     His favorite activities include doing zoomies, snuggling, and of course EATING. Meal time with Nilla is not only incredibly entertaining, but it’s also used as training time. He has had some battles with allergies, but when it comes time for medicine he takes his pills like a champ! Since mealtimes are his absolute FAVORITE, he does a hop/dance to get to his food. Even though food is exciting, he has learned to wait until he is given the go ahead cue to eat from his slow feeder. Training and maintaining strong focus has been made incredibly easy because of such a high food drive.


     Along with his constant “need” for food, he loves chewing on bones, toys, and balls. We have yet to find a toy that can survive his need to stay busy! Since he has a need to chew, he gets a hollowed out bone, filled with peanut butter during his time in the kennel rather than a Kong. Once he gets bored with antlers and toys, he’s either ready for a nap or ready for the next way to be entertained - which usually results in play time with his foster brother. Thank goodness he loves to play with his pittie brother!


     During kennel time Nilla can be found napping. He loves naps, peanut butter, and chewing time - so kennel time is honestly one of his absolute favorite things. We use a white noise maker, hollowed out marrow bone filled with peanut butter, and blankets for kennel time, and that is more than enough for him to be content. 

     Continued training with Nilla is fun and important to helping him grow into the best possible version of himself. Making training fun is important to keep his laser focus and beyond smart brain working. He has mastered sit, look, wait, and down. We can't wait to see him continue to grow - Nilla will be such an incredible dog to any home.

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