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Red & White


 57 lbs




Female (spayed)

about ophelia

     Ophelia here!  I am one of the new members of the SEPR family.  I'm really enjoying my foster home, but I know that there is something else waiting for me - a forever home!  I had a home before I came to my foster home.  I am a very smart girl and I already knew a lot of stuff when I came here. I know how to sit, shake, wait, look, down and even high five. So you could say I pretty much got all the hard stuff out of the way!

     Foster Dad said that I was very skinny when I came to his house so I needed to eat up to put some meat on my bones.  I have no problem doing that, though, cause dinner time is probably my most favorite time of the day! I always sit and wait real nicely though before meals, but foster mom and dad say I would prefer a slow bowl because I sometimes like to snarf down my food to fast. I love meeting new people whether it be out in public or people coming to see me at the house. Everyone seems to be a huge fan of me. I mean can you blame them!


     I am also very good at going in my crate when I need to without a fuss. You just have to say the word and I will go right in. My most favorite toys are Nylabones I could sit and chew on those things for hours and sometimes after I do that I tend to fall asleep with them in my paws but at least its right there for me when I wake up. My foster parents say that I got some mad hops guess that means I can jump really high so flirt poles are another great toy for me. I think my most favorite hobby though is probably sleeping and snuggling up to my foster parents I am pretty much an expert sleeper and it don't take to much to wear me down. 


     I am still settling into my foster home, so I'm not yet sure how I feel about the other dogs and cats who live here with me.  I have 2 foster siblings who I have met a little bit and I am not to sure how I feel about them but I am.still going to give them another chance and I think we will end up getting along just fine. Not quite sure how I feel about cats either but I will let you know when I finally get to meet one of them. I do seem to be pretty interested in rabbits and squirrels that I see around the yard and while were out on our walks.


     If your looking for a great partner in crime I think I might be just the one for you, specially if your looking for a napping partner because I am definitely certified for that! Just don't forget to feed me afterwards cause I know exactly when dinner time is!

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