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Red & White


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Female (spayed)

about ophelia

"When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions". As with William Shakespeare's classic tail Hamlet, our fair maiden Ophelia also endured much strife in her short life. Finding herself in a busy city shelter that had BSL and very underweight this heroine needed a better ending than the play. Act 2: enter SEPR!

This mythological or legendary woman often of divine descent having great strength or ability has settled right into the finer things in life. A one in a million type dog, SEPR's Ophelia is quickly gaining admires near and far. It was clear that someone loved this girl before SEPR even without knowing her tail. She arrived already knowing know how to sit, shake, wait, look, down and even high five. Ophelia's foster mom just needed some finishing polish to make this girl really shine! 

Ophelia is a master at manners and patience. Meals times are a breeze with a nice lay and wait; she can even hold a wait until the other dogs in the house are fed before released to “eat”! She enjoys the mental enrichment of the different slow feeder bowls and her favorite is the Kong wobbler. Ophelia, also appreciates her quiet beauty rest in her crate. She is both crate trained and house trained just as a lady should be. Her most favorite toys are nylabones. She would sit and chew for hours and sometimes will take a cat nap with them in her paws. On the flip side, Ophelia is always game for a good round of flirt pole when it’s nice outside. Yard time with sun bathing involved is a sure win as well.  


Ophelia is a socialite and truly loves meeting new people whether out in public or visitors to her chateau. Humans big and small all equal love to this four legged beauty, and she isnt shy about asking for more of it. Ophelia enjoys daily walks with her gentle leader and occasionally a weighted backpack to help keep focus off those loud pesky squirrels. She is a quick study and with a solid " leave it, " and treat she happily continues on her courtyard journey. 


Ophelia has shown her foster family she wants to be the only heroine in the ending act. While Ophelia can easily go on group canine walks, SEPR dog meet and greet events, SEPR Train-a-bull classes, and act accordingly on leash she has made it clear other dogs in her personal space off leash make her very uncomfortable. So, you can have the best of both worlds - walking with your friends and their dogs to socialize, but receiving all her love and devotion one on one at home! There is definitely a family that will reap all this adoration, “Tis in my memory lock'd, And you yourself shall keep the key of it.” 


This maidens most favorite hobby is probably sleeping and snuggling on the couch with her family. She is pretty much an expert sleeper and it doesn’t take too much activity to convince her its nap time! If you are looking for a movie partner, book reader, gamer, or yoga relaxation partner this is your girl for sure! 

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