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about pepperjack

PepperJack...easily one of everyone's favorite cheese!  But, PepperJack the dog??  Well, of course, he is a favorite, too!  He is the perfect amount of sweetness with just enough of a kick!

     PepperJack cheese is meant for burgers, but PepperJack the dog is meant for cuddles, love, and, his favorite, playing and being wild. He has plenty of puppy antics to spice up your day, but when it is time to mellow out he will melt your heart!

     Pepperjack has settled into foster life quickly, he gets along great with all his people friends as well as his dog friends! Whatever you want to do, that's what Pepperjack wants to do. He matches energy levels flawlessly, but really prefers to wrestle and run as much as he can! This dude is a perfect balance between spunky puppy and calm kid, it's impossible not to love him!


     His manners are coming along pretty well for such a young lad! We had some struggles early on with potty accidents, but happy to report we have it all figured out and he is now accident free! Kennel time has always been a breeze, he can hold it for 9+ hours like a seasoned pro. He is great at sitting to wait for mealtime and before walking through doorways, doesn't jump up too much, and usually asks permission to join you on the couch. He could use more work on lay down, in his mind that one is kind of pointless unless there is a treat in front of him. Overall, he is a quick learner and eager to please his favorite people!


     Taking this kid out in public is such a joy! He walks great with his gentle leader, hardly reacts to other dogs or little critters running by. He will lay down and relax if the people are visiting with each other, or he can keep up for a nice run. Really, we mean it when we say anything you want to do, Pepperjack wants to do that too. This kid will pour his entire heart into loving his favorite people, and he deserves people who will do the same for him.


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