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about QUILL

"Sometimes the thing you're searching for your whole life is right there by your side all along."- Peter Quill, Guardians of the Galaxy


     Meet Quill!! With devilishly handsome good looks, Quill is searching the galaxy for a family of his own. 

Discarded as a puppy in Georgia, Quill was found covered in mange, hairless with skin looking a lot like leather. After lots of TLC he has grown some beautiful, yet a bit patchy, blue and white fur. With promises of finding a family where he truly belongs, he excitedly hitched a ride on a one way express rocket from the shelter life in Georgia to South Dakota. This fun loving puppy is ready to show the world just how great he is and how far he has come!


     Quill quickly has settled into his foster home and has picked up on the daily routine and is loving being part of a family. This sweet natured Georgia boy is all fun and games with a sidecar of snuggly bear. Quill loves to romp around the backyard while sniffing all the smells.  He loves to play with the flirt pole, which is a bonus for his foster parents as its and easy way to drain some of that puppy energy out of him. He hasn't quite learned fetch yet but he does like to chase after the ball. Quill loves to romp, chew and carry around all of his favorite toys while often trying to persuade the resident dogs to play with him.  He loves spending time with the resident house dogs and made fast friends with them.  True to being a puppy, he can get a little over excited and is learning how to play with a little less enthusiasm, as too not be so lovingly overwhelming for his much older foster siblings. He doesn't seem to mind the resident kitties and just doesn't understand why they don't come out more to play with him.  But that's no big deal who needs those kitties anyways with all the other fun he's having! He likes to go on walks sniffing the air and has some pretty decent walking manners. We could possibly see Quill loving bike rides or a running partner. If biking and running isn't for you that's quite alright he's great at keeping a couch warm after some play or a walk.  He thinks snuggling with and or slightly on his human is quite heavenly. 


     Quill knows that along with fun play there are times that you need to take care of all those annoying maintenance tasks.  Slap some peanut butter on the wall of the tub and bath time is a breeze with Quill.  Nail trims aren't his favorite but he does tolerate them well especially if he's being rewarded with treats and peanut butter! He doesn't mind being brushed and thinks it feels quite good. Ear cleaning is also no big deal for Quill! 


     This sweet Georgia boy is crate trained without accidents and is chill and quiet while his foster parents are at work or at night. He loves it even more when he gets to have a yummy filled bone or a kong but will go running into his crate even for just a small treat.  Quill is thankful for all the bones and fluffy blankets that keep him comfy and occupied in his crate.  He truly doesn't mind his palace or fortitude!


     Car rides are great fun and he rides really well.  During the long trip from Georgia to South Dakota he took it in stride and relaxed and lounged in the back seat.  He loves looking out the window and sniffing the fresh air through cracked windows. He doesn't mind going places as long as you're there to enjoy it with him.  We are sure that he would love to continue exploring all the great places and things to do out there with his besties. 


     Quill is a great, well rounded boy, capturing hearts wherever he goes.  He may have a funny looking eye (which he still has some sight out of) and doesn't have the fluffiest fur and may always have a few scars, but this boy is quite handsome regardless and makes up for it with a zest for life like no other.  Won't you be his bestie for forever and ever?? He'll pay you back with love and kisses guaranteed!!

**Families with children 4 years of age and under wanting to adopt puppies will be reviewed on a

case-by-case basis. Raising a puppy properly takes a lot of time, and we understand that in families with small children, time can be a limited commodity.

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