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Blue & White


58 lbs




Male (neutered)

about Remy

Watch out X-Men fans, Remy Lebeau has arrived! Taking us all by storm with his slender build, good looks, and irresistible charm, he is defiantly a ladies man.


     Remy is a young kid just looking to fit in, settling in to his new foster home and learning the ropes.  Remy has started to work on perfecting his skills, training is easy with this kid he is very food motivated making basic commands look effortless. Figuring out the daily routine quickly, he will be patiently waiting in his spot for meal times, and like a gentleman he will shake your hand before he eats.  True to character he is a smart boy mastering things in the blink of an eye, naturally his first round of Train-A-Bull was a breeze.  Wanting to add to his growing list of amazing talents, Remy has been working on treadmill training.  We were not surprised in the slightest when Remy hopped right on, a born natural.


      Remy has the energy of a young kid but also knows how to relax and take it easy, making him the perfect mix. He loves to get a good work out in with the flirt pole, pack walks, or chasing his favorite ball around, then relax with his Nylabone on his fluffy dog bed and tie down.  Remy has been working hard on learning to control his excitement, sporting a backpack on walks and hitting the pavement for lots of practice, he walks like a champ.


      Like any good gentleman, Remy knows that cleanliness is important, bath time is easy he patiently waits for you to finish.  Always up for an adventure, he wants to make sure he is looking his best.  If you are looking for a travel companion, Remy loves a good car ride. He is a pro-copilot, riding nicely in the passenger seat.  Remy also enjoys hiking, strolls in the park, pretty much anything that has to do with his people.


     Remy is just a handsome, playful pup, full of charm.  Watch him charm his way right in to a forever family.  Once he settles in and gets comfortable, Remy will make his debut to meet all his adoring fans. 


     Be sure to check back for updates on this heart throb.

Remy's videos

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