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about SKYE

We dare you to venture into the Scottish Highlands and experience Skye!  Skye is a blended essence of Scottish Brandy, a sassy bit of spice, and has a smooth buttery hue. 


Introducing Skye!  Break out the bagpipes and start a rousing song about how bonnie (beautiful) Skye is!  Skye took no time at all to settle into the foster life, and like the first golden rays of sunshine peeking over the horizon, her sweet and fun-loving personality is starting to shine through.  The sky is the limit for this Scottish beauty and we can't wait to see what adventures await in her future!


Skye is learning what it means to be part of a family and loves every minute of it.  She is currently enrolled in SEPR’s Train-a-bull classes to help her polish up on her manners, but she is already a pro at sitting, sitting and waiting for her meals, kenneling up, and waiting to be let out of her kennel.  She is also perfecting her laying down, staying, and waiting before going through doorways. 

Skye loves being outdoors, whether it’s going for a nice long walk, or playing a game of fetch in the back yard.  This girl loves to play and she plays hard!  She is getting better at dropping a toy and waiting before another one is thrown.  She also loves to entertain herself with toys by running, shaking, and tossing them.

With this bonnie gal walks are a work in progress and her leash manners are improving, but sometimes it’s hard to maintain her composure when a little bunny scampers by.  As hard as she plays, she cuddles even harder.  Indoors she is the typical Velcro dog.  She wants to be with her people where ever they are, but she is learning that it’s ok to just lie down and relax as well. 

 Along with her foster parents, she lives with 3 human foster sisters aged 10, 5, and 2.5 and loves them all. She is working on remembering how big and strong she is and that she needs to be gentle with them.  She also lives with male and female canine foster siblings and a feline foster brother.  Introductions with her canine foster siblings have been slow as she is still unsure around other dogs, but she has gotten to the point of being comfortable in the same room with them as long as everyone is secured either in their kennels or on tie downs. 

Skye’s kennel manners have been perfect from day one.  She will go into her kennel on her own and sit and wait for her kennel treat, doesn’t bark or whine, and will wait nicely for the ok to come out. 

Skye has loved everyone she has met so far and gets so excited to meet new people!  She is learning that she needs to sit nicely and wait for pets, but she won’t hesitate to roll over for you to rub her belly!  This girl is smart and will push you as far as you will let her so a firm, consistent hand is needed, but she has so much love to give. She would do well in any type of family dynamic as she loves to be active, but is also getting better at lying low indoors. If you are looking for a girl with a heart as big as her personality, then Skye is the one for you! 

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