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Blue & White


54 lbs




Female (spayed)

about STAR

          Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight. (Anonymous).

     Star is a beautiful and shining young lady with only one wish!  She wants to give all of the stars and moon for a chance for a forever home!  Will you catch this shooting Star and make her your own?   Star will steal your heart and make you her world!

     This young lady is shining brighter than ever!  Star didn’t let the eclipse get her down!  This blue and white beauty keeps up her splendor with regular baths and pedicures. She loves a good spa day! Star has polished up her manners while waiting for her forever home.  Star knows how to stand out in the galaxy of SEPR stars!  Star says she shines the brightest!  How does she do that?  Well, she knows all of her basic commands like sit, come, lay down, sit up, look, kennel, wait, and stay.  She also makes for a great companion, whether you like to go out for adventures or stay home and snuggle on the couch.  She can do either with ease!


     Star knows how to wait in her crate patiently while you are away and does beautifully for those of us who have to work long shifts at work.  She knows how to wait nicely for her food like any shining star would! Star knows how to walk pleasantly on her gentle leader and she is working hard on ignoring distractions and focusing on her walk.  It’s hard when fluffy little bunnies waggle their cotton tails right in your face!  Her foster mom has Star wear a backpack on walks to carry mom’s water but the backpack also gives Star a job!  Star loves to have a job and she excels at it! This young lady is shining so bright she may just blind you with all that she can do. This beautiful girl has a smile that shines like a clear winters night!

     Star recently lost weight after our vet diagnosed a very easy-to-fix low thyroid condition.  After getting that in line she has her glamorous figure is back!

     Star prefers to be the only shining star in home without sharing love and affection with other canines! She loves having all the people to herself!  Star loves attention from people in public and minds her manners well when meeting them.  Star enjoys her time lounging around and loves her walks and car rides! This shining Star would love any kind of family that would love to include her in all of the family activities!

BULLY HELPING HAND: Casey & Melanie Hurney

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