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about TAYLOR

     If you're looking for character in a dog then you've found it with this one. Taylor has CHARACTER in spades! It's taken us a bit to come up with the best ways to describe her but that's truly because Taylor came in to us as basically a blank slate. Around a year old and apparently zero experience with basic rules, manners or household living. In the past few months she's been working hard to get up to speed and now that she's caught up on a few things she is plowing straight ahead!


     Taylor is a bouncy little lady who loves to play, LOVES to eat and adores cuddling.We suspect there is a little bull terrier in this brindle babe with all the confidence (and stubbornness!) that implies. Taylor has a happy puppy personality, which means she can be more forward than other dogs appreciate when meeting.  This is something she is working on in her foster home but isn't quite there yet. She's tested well with other dogs overall though, so given a tolerant male and some good direction she should continue to improve. Of course, she's happy being an only dog as well if that's what you prefer! While the dog integration is still a work in progress, Taylor has fully integrated with the cats in the household. Her playful energy sometimes means she thinks cats could be rough house buddies with her but she actually does well when she can be monitored.


     In the last few months we've taken this girl from forgotten kennel run dog to indoor best friend and she is loving it! She's finally picked up on house training and crate training, happily doing her business outside on a schedule and settling in her crate for a treat. Sit, Lay Down, Look and Wait have all been solidly added to her repertoire with more on the horizon. It took her a whole 10 minutes to figure out what the treadmill is all about and she now asks to trot on it for 3-5 minutes before she heads to her kennel for a nap. Peanut butter while working out much appreciated, of course.


     There is a big, bold personality in this muscle bound package with the short legs. She can easily come off as high energy but is definitely a sprinter instead of a distance runner. It doesn't take much to take the edge off before she happily curls up beside you...or in your lap if you allow! One thing is for certain - this is one girl you will never forget!

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