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about teddy

“Bark softly, and play with a big stick,” is the motto of the newest SEPR resident Teddy.


Meet Teddy! Teddy arrived with a carefree attitude and a zest for life like no other after being sprung from the shelter.  It was clear though that he was in desperate need of some manners though. With a little time to decompress from his life in the kennel, and a bit of structure, our little Teddy is quickly learning how to be a good boy!

Teddy loves his treats and is very food motivated, especially if it’s something extra special! He knows his basic commands like, sit, lay, shake, and the doggie ASL hand signs that go with them. Oh have we mentioned Mr. Teddy is deaf?  He's really no different than any other puppy except you don't have to tip toe around if he's sleeping, he can't hear other dogs barking, or the door bell ring, or little jimmy down the street screaming, nor can he hear the mailman or the garbage truck. Nope having a deaf dog isn’t so bad at all!   It was a bit of a learning curve but with a bit of patience, schedule and routine he’s learning to watch for hand signals and horning in on those “listening” skills/gestures. 


Teddy is around a year old and still very much a puppy.  He's loves to investigate smells and do zoomies around the yard. As well as rolling around and scooting on his side across the grass. He thinks it’s just the best and feels oh so great! He is also a toy-aholic and loves chewing, chasing, and throwing toys around. It’s even better if the resident puppy joins in with him. He’ll even make do and love the old dirty bath towel that’s been laying around all week!!   He’s a goofy boy and such a little comedian.


Teddy is also very dog social and loves playing with the resident puppy and dogs. He can be a bit much for some dogs though and sometimes needs a reminder to not be so excited and paws on. In down times he loves curling up on the couch close to his humans.  He also doesn't mind his tie down and has learned with that comes yummy chew treats to pass the time. Teddy also lives with 2 cats as well and really hasn't noticed them much at all.  He can't hear the kitties meow or run around so they tend to go unnoticed but he has done well with them the few times they have crossed paths. 


Teddy doesn’t mind baths, although it helps to keep him in place if you reward him with a little peanut butter smeared on the wall. Nail trimmings are also pretty easy with this kid as long as treats are involved again. Just give a treat with every clip and you’re golden. Bonus he can’t hear the clippers either! Teddy is also learning that his crate isn’t so bad and crate time also brings a bunch of goodies to munch on to make it better. He has a nice comfy bed and blankets to curl up on and hasn’t destroyed any of them. He has been 100% accident free!! He is quiet most of the time while in his crate as well but every once in awhile especially if he’s been locked up for a really long time, he feels the need to sing a little tune but usually it’s short lived. 


Teddy likes to go on walks and is pretty easy to handle. He also loves to go for car rides and take in all the sights and smells. He’s gentle and polite when meeting people on leash. It’s bonus points in his book if you got some treats to excite his taste buds! 


Teddy Bear is well on his way to being a great kid and he can’t wait until all this social distancing is over so we can do more fun activities. This spunky man has tons of potential and we are looking forward to watching him grow and be the goofy fun teenage pup we have grown to love. 

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