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Brown Brindle


46 lbs




Female (spayed)

about truffle

     Like any decadent chocolate truffle, this beauty will melt her way right into your heart! Truffle has a lot more to offer than just her good looks though. She has a captivating sweetness with a fun loving personality to match.


     Truffle settled right into her foster home and has been overcoming fears and demonstrating bravery since the day she arrived. While many sights, sounds, and smells were new to her, that didn't stop her adventurous spirit and kind heart from getting to know the world around her. She has become a happy, bouncy, puppy and loves to play with her foster parents and canine foster brother.


     Truffle is adaptable and learns quickly with repetition and watching her foster brother. With each meal time comes the repetitive practice of sit, wait, and look, which she has mastered with flying colors! She is eager to learn and eager to please her foster parents in hopes that they’ll tell her forever family how great she is with learning new skills!  Truffle has also mastered the command to kennel up but much prefers when her foster parents sweeten the deal a little bit with a peanut butter treat. She loves human interaction and she's certainly not shy about climbing in your lap and snuggling right up. She sleeps on tie down at night in her foster parents bedroom and is so happy to be in the same room as her family at night that she always curls right into her blankets and falls fast asleep. In the morning, she'll be the first one to greet you with a big smile on her face and a happy, wiggly tail!


     Truffle has an adventurous demeanor and wants to learn everything she can about her surrounding environment. She has learned to play with her toys loves to chase them down the hallway and prance proudly back to you so you can throw the toy again! Although she really loves to play, she is also perfectly content nestled in your lap or curled up on the floor.


     Truffle is thoroughly enjoying her days in her foster home and is growing tremendously but she can’t help but dream about adoption day with the family who chooses to open up their home to her forever!  

With a dog truly as sweet as they could possibly come, how could you pass up the opportunity to meet her?

Truffle's videos

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