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vanilla Bean


$300 (Learn More)


Blue & White






Female (spayed)


about vanilla bean

Have you been intrigued by "bully breeds" but never found the right match to bring home to meet your mother? Does your "gotta have" list include beauty, brains, and impeccable manners? Looking for a partner in crime who is still on the young side who can grow with you? Look no further than SEPR's very own Mz. Vanilla Beans! She is sugar, spice, and everything nice (unless you are a bunny - then all bets are off)! 


This beauty will come to you perfectly house trained. Since the moment she entered her foster home there has not been a single accident - unless you count her first dog bed exploding in a tsunami of fluff. Still have no idea how it happened and Mz. Vanilla Bean claims temporary amnesia. Long day or night that can't be helped? She will hold it for you. When you need to be out and about for work or play, she is most successful when she is left to lounge in her kennel. She is fully crate trained and finds it a relaxing place to be as long as there is entertainment in the form of radio, podcast, or TV (she just begs to not have to listen to anymore of her FM audible romance novels). She also prefers a nice, stuffed kong to keep her company.


As for her impeccable manners, this pupper knows sit, stay/wait, lay down, come, and settle (which to her means chill out and sit that butt down). For some reason commands mean more to her if they are accompanied by a snap but hey, whatever floats her boat. So, if interested brush up on your snapping or clapping skills!


Ready to take her out on the town? Her leash and gentle leader skills are excellent. She loves exploring and will do a wonderful job of staying by your side. She may tug a bit if there is an interesting smell that she HAS to investigate and really, who can blame her? When out inspecting her neighborhood, she is always calm and cheerful. Due to her past, there are some loud noises (banging sounds) that do startle her. Same with a lot of cars going by. Considering her past with being shot and hit by a car it does not take a professional to know that those things would make her a little nervous. When her FM first started taking her out and a loud banging noise or a lot of traffic would occur, she would freeze and take some coaxing to get moving again. Now that she understands that FM is crazy and will fight a car for her if she has to, Vanilla Beans now may only pause for a moment or two if she gets startled before moving on. The more she becomes comfortable in her environment the less anxious she is even with those trigger sounds. As for riding in a car? She wants the window down and shades on. Shot gun preferable but she will sit anywhere.


Now about other animals. With proper introductions and bubble space Vanilla Beans should do well with another Canine in the house. She has one small foster sister and even though she likes to play rough and foster sister is an old, small dog they do get along and are able to hang out in the same space. As for cats, no testing at this time but one did walk right in front of her and she did not even twitch. Given Vanilla Beans' penchant for wanting to play, a cat introduction would need to be a little slower but still possibly work. 


On to kids! YES YES YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS. If you have a small human in your life Vanilla Beans will live to love them. We do recommend that said small human be over 5 years old because Mz. Vanilla Beans does not care if she has to knock them over to get them to accept her love. Foster families 2-year-old was not impressed and learned the phrase "NO KISSES" just for Vanilla Beans. The best news with Vanilla Beans and kids? They can scream, they can accidentally hit/bump her (do not recommend letting your kids hit any animal but unfortunately sometimes you can't stop everything), they can have a whole meltdown right next to her and she will do nothing. When taking a treat from the child's hand she will do it so carefully you would think she was disarming a bomb. The worst thing Vanilla beans will do is think more kisses is the solution to the temper tantrum. She is amazing with kids. AMAZING. As always, never leave any dog unsupervised with a child. 



-Tug. All the tugs. Balls, ropes, kong wobblers, random string. All. The. Tug.

-Kongs filled with yummies.

-String cheese. She would live off it if you would let her.

-Fetch (after you win tug and have earned the right for her to fetch for you).

-Treat/food puzzles. She is a puzzle master.

-Chews - all chews. Soft chew. Hard chews. Chews you can eat. Chews you can't eat. Things she is not supposed to chew on when you leave her out and unsupervised for too long.




-Car rides



-Extra-long cuddle sessions

-More cuddles.

-More cheese

-Brain teasers like training, makeshift sniff out treat games, and turning the yard into a sniffle mat.




-Not getting cuddles

-Not getting tug

-Not getting pets

-Not getting fed

-Not being allowed on the couch (couch dog for life!)

-Not being allowed to give kisses

-Not getting walkies

-Not really a fan of peanut butter?


To sum up SEPR's Fabulous Mz. Vanilla Beans, she will stop traffic. Literally. Already has. A car drove by. Stopped. Reversed. Rolled down their window just to ask where we found this gorgeous dog. You could give this gal her own youtube channel she is that sensational. She will love you. She will love your family, your kids, your neighbors. She will spread love and kindness and will do the silliest things that you will wonder if you adopted a broken dog. 


 She is only between 2 & 3 years old. She is basically a 21-year-old who just figured out they can legally buy beer. Will she make some bad decisions thinking she looks cool? Yeah. Will you need proper boundaries, so she doesn't get her butt arrested for trying to steal a piece of pizza out of some poor smucks hand? Unfortunately, yeah. She will also love you unconditionally, make your heart feel so full you worry it will burst, and be by your side for every single good and bad moment for the rest of her life. When I said in the beginning that she is a once in a lifetime dog I was not lying. 


Now what you ask? Click the button to fill out an application to meet and adopt SEPR'S Mz. Vanilla Beans. Bring home the joy that will keep on giving in kisses, cuddles, and unwavering love and support. Just don't expect her to remember how a dog bed or pillow suspiciously blew up.


Heather & Jeff


Bully Benefactor: Amanda Riedel 

Guardian Angel: Fran Korfanta

Click here to find out how you can sponsor an SEPR dog.


SEPR Vanilla Bean

SEPR Vanilla Bean
2.5.24 Vanilla Bean plays tug

2.5.24 Vanilla Bean plays tug

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Vanilla Bean 10.30.23 toy

Vanilla Bean 10.30.23 toy

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vanilla bean and her toys!

vanilla bean and her toys!

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vanilla bean chiing in the grass!

vanilla bean chiing in the grass!

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