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about Watson

Do you love a good mystery? Then let me introduce the newest kid to the program… Watson. 


     Watson just couldn’t solve the biggest mystery of all, why he was stuck at the shelter.  So we decided to give him a break, and give him something new to investigate: life in a foster home!  Watson is figuring out this mystery of family life and loving it! He is a sweet boy who loves attention, with a tail that never stops wagging.  

     Watson has met all of his furry foster bros and sis and loves to run and play and look for that perfect stick with ALL of them. He even shares his toys and water bowl nicely with good supervision. He can have a good amount of spring in his step at times so foster humans are helping him search for his food to help with some of that puppy energy brain drain.  After all he's Watson the investigator! He often eats his meals via the Wobbler or searching through boxes. 


     Watson is learning to like his Gentle Leader, though it's probably a mystery he would be happier to leave unsolved! BUT he is figuring out that fun adventures and treats and even mealtime can come along with his Gentle Leader, so maybe it's not so bad! This guy LOVES food! Want me to do a trick me to settle get the picture. He is super sweet and loves to be where you are. He is a bit of a velcro dog and you probably never have to go anywhere alone again. However, he doesn't have to be with you ALL the time. He does pretty well in his crate, but will let you know sometimes if he thinks he should be doing something else with you, of course. 

     If you like to sleep in....he is a pro! He sleeps all night in his crate or out on a tie down! Hopefully you don't mind some snoring and snorts! Watson is getting out and about on adventures in the park, bike trails and even to the pet stores.  Word on the street is he was a rockstar in the pet stores! Met a whole bunch of humans and saw some other dogs and loved every minute! Watson is still learning that we don't need to jump up to show love, but he is a quick study with a little repetition.  But he has look, sit, lay down, and leave it in his bag if tricks. 

     If you are looking for brawn and brains, this is your boy. Take him home today before he is onto his next big mystery!

Watson's videos

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