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Female (spayed)


about wednesday

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Addams Family


Well, we don't know about all that, but SEPR Wednesday is pretty scary CUTE!! Wednesday came from Georgia along with 4 other doggie friends. Since arriving she's been learning what it's like to be a cherished family member. It seemed to us, that most everything was pretty new to her when she first arrived.  During her time with her foster family, she has been able to experience all the sweet things life has to offer. 


Little Miss Wednesday is estimated to be a puppy/adolescent and like most young pups her age she can be very goofy, mischievous, curious and maybe a little awkward and gangly at times. HA!!  Wednesday lives with both canine and feline siblings.  She gets along great with her canine brothers and sister. As for the cats, she thinks they are pretty interesting to study and watch (although they don't much care for her) The few times the kitties have graced Wednesday with their presence, she seemed almost a little confused and gave them a good sniff before they disappeared once again. But kitties aside, every day you can find Winnie playing, running and wrestling with her canine foster siblings.  She is quite the silly little playful monster.  You can find them chewing on bones together and playing keep away with toys.  She would absolutely love a nice playful friend to hang out with.


Wednesday is potty and crate trained. She is crated during the day while her foster family is at work.  She loves her crate though and will go right in if you show her a yummy treat or a kong filled with food and a little peanut butter.  She thinks crate time is pretty great when you get a nice comfy memory foam bed (which she has never chewed on!!), big soft blankets, and all her favorite toys and chews.  She is quiet from beginning to end and when let out she loves to grab a toy or two and playfully trot away after lovingly saying hello first. We aren't sure if there is anything cuter than her with her toys!


Even though Wednesday is still very much a puppy she does have an off button.  You can find little Miss chilling on the couch after romping around with her foster siblings and she thinks naps with or without her human or furry friends are top notch. She can be quite the little snuggle monster though often getting in nice and close for a little daytime or evening nap. 


Wednesday likes to go for car rides and is a wonderful little traveler.  We've heard from volunteers that on cold days she likes to press herself right up against a heat vent to soak up all the warm air. Smart girl!! Winnie has participated in the coordinated pack walks with other foster doggies and thinks they are great fun.  She might pull on the leash from time to time but generally she walks really well! Her favorite parts of pack walks are going off the trail and running through the grass and leaves and of course meeting all the nice people at the end who always have yummy treats! Have we mentioned that she's very food motivated? Training is easy with this girl never turning down a yummy treat or two! Don't worry if you don't have treats on you, she's all in for some pets and loving attention.


Wednesday does good with bath time although we can tell they aren't her favorite.  With the help of peanut butter and treats she's learning that you don't have to sit and sulk and try to lean your way out of the tub.  All in all, she does take it in stride and afterwards you can find her air drying by zooming around the living room! Nail trims are pretty easy for this girl and foster mom will often give them a little trim when she's relaxing on the couch. 


Winnie has come a long way from the petite girl who was once scared and confused of the TV and other everyday life activities.  She has quickly become the goofy little girl we know and love.  Every day she gets that much more confident and outgoing and it's been so awesome watching her grow and flourish! Her foster family thinks she's just the sweetest, greatest little thing and love spending every moment her while she waits for her furever family!! 

**Families with children 5 years of age and under wanting to adopt puppies will be reviewed on a

case-by-case basis. Raising a puppy properly takes a lot of time, and we understand that in families with small children, time can be a limited commodity.


Bully Benefactor: The Hurney Family 

Click here to find out how you can sponsor an SEPR dog.

wednesday's videos

SEPR Wednesday

SEPR Wednesday
SEPR Wednesday-outside romping

SEPR Wednesday-outside romping

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SEPR Wednesday-whats this light thingy

SEPR Wednesday-whats this light thingy

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SEPR Wednesday-toys are fun

SEPR Wednesday-toys are fun

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SEPR Wednesday-fluff play

SEPR Wednesday-fluff play

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