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Being at the top of “the list” is a distinction that Delilah would rather not have. She’s been with SEPR longer than any other dog in our program. Yet she has high hopes of ditching that title and finding her forever home in the New Year.


It’s not that Delilah minds living with her foster family. In fact, life is pretty darn good with her foster mom, dad, fellow canines and even a couple felines. She gets to go on plenty of adventures; dons a Gentle Leader with ease and walks like a pro. And she’s an excellent co-pilot in the car, too. When she’s at home, being in the crate is no biggy for Delilah. And, of course, she’s never had an accident in the house.


When it comes to brains, this girl scores an A. Her list of commands is impressive; sit, lie down, wait, come, sit up, look, and go to bed (kennel). And with that scent-hound nose of hers, Delilah would no doubt excel at nose work, too. Not that she’s always on the go, mind you. She’s a balanced kinda gal. From zoomies in the yard to snuggles on the couch… Delilah’s up – or down - for just about anything!

Though she does have some allergy issues, the proper food and meds help immensely. The extra care is a small price to pay for such a gem of a girl… a girl who’s crossing her paws that 2018 will be the year her name gets crossed off “the list”… and she gets to go home, for good! 


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You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Meatloaf came to SEPR from a suspected dog fighting case in 2017. He had spent his entire young life on a six-foot chain in the middle of the woods in Polk County, Georgia!


That existence is in great contrast to the one he’s living now with his SEPR foster family. But it was quite an adjustment when he first arrived. Meatloaf had never seen anything like a house, or doorways, or stairs. So being inside a home was very scary to him. In the beginning, he even refused to eat his meals inside!


Meatloaf has come such a long way since those days. Now, he can often be found snoozing on one of the many soft dog beds he has to choose from… or hanging out in his kennel (one of his favorite places in the house). He’s potty trained and knows how to sit and wait for his dinner. He’s also mastered the command, “Look!!” His foster mom can attest that he’s one smart boy!


Meatloaf’s three doggy friends are also on-hand to support his progress… as he finds great comfort in their presence. Unfortunately, he needs all the help he can get right now. That’s because when he lived in Georgia he contracted a rare tick born disease called Candidatus Mycoplasma Haematoparvum. It’s a small bacterium that lives on the surface of red blood cells in mammals. The infection can cause anemia, weight loss, fever, anorexia and lethargy. Meatloaf’s medical care is ongoing and hopes are high for his recovery. 


As he continues to adjust to the good life, the support of those who love him is crucial and, ultimately, lifesaving. From his SEPR supporters, foster family and 4-legged friends, to the medical team working to cure him, to the volunteers who help broaden his experiences… Meatloaf is in great hands. And his prognosis for a wonderful life is promising!!

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